Time to eliminate Daylight Saving Time

I was just doing some research with my son for a persuasive speech on repealing Daylight Saving Time. The intensity of those holding on to the practice is alarming, citing more daylight in the evening for fishing, golfing, and walking the dog. My response to the Juneau Empire Newspaper follows: “Doesn’t it seem a little self-serving to make entire populations of kids, parents, and teachers start school a whole hour earlier right before mandatory state testing so you can fish or walk your dog longer in the evening? Would it be more logical to start school an hour later every spring because of the chronic clock changers, or start work an hour earlier so you have more free time in the evening? Do the math, and apply the logic. Just leave the clocks alone.”

Friends, please urge our legislators and governor to support the current bill to eliminate the confusion and ill effects of DST. It’s easy to send an email, doesn’t cost anything, and could save us all the hassle of clock hacking in future years.