Thornton is the real deal

At a time when our local state legislators seem to be representing everyone but us, I’m thrilled that Shauna Thornton has thrown her hat in the race for House District 30.

Over the last two years, I’ve gotten to know Shauna well. She’s hard-working and she’s bright. Most important, Shauna is seeking this seat for all of the right reasons. She genuinely cares about people and about trying to make life better for everyone here on the peninsula — and the state.

One of her most admirable qualities is her loyalty — her loyalty to her friends and her neighbors here in District 30. Shauna isn’t the kind of woman who can be bought and she isn’t a calculating political opportunist who’s seeking office to feed her ego. She simply wants to make a difference.

Shauna’s the real deal. Someone who really listens and who really cares.

And she’s pretty fearless, too! She will stand up to the boys who’ve sold their souls to the multinational corporations and she’ll fight for Alaska’s families!

Please help Shauna Thornton help you regain control of your state government!