Thanks for the help

This is a special thank you note to Nikiski fireman Trent Burnett. Two weeks ago as I was collecting our mail from our cluster box located off of Miller Loop in North Kenai, I slipped on the ice, slid under the boxes, and fell on my back. I am a 68-year-old cancer survivor and due to both my age and my reduced motor skills from cancer, I was unable to move from under the boxes. A young man stopped his truck and asked if I needed help. He took my hand, pulled me out, helped me to my feet, and walked me to my car. He asked several times if I was OK, and thanks to his support, I was back on my feet.

When he was sure I was back safely in my car, I noticed the insignia on his pickup indicating it belonged to the Nikiski Fire Department. I thanked him for his assistance, and we went our separate ways.

Later I thought about what happened and recalled the many times my family members and I had received assistance from the Nikiski Fire Department EMTs. These folks are very professional and caring individuals who go beyond their stated duties to help people in our community.

Thanks for your help, Trent. You and your team members are greatly appreciated.