Thank you in so many ways

Thank you; Gracias; Danke; Merci; Gratia, tibi ago:

“Thank you” can be said many different ways but this statement of gratitude is best said by the folks who participate in the Nikiski Food Pantry. Their statements are heard every Thursday during the open pantry hours 9 a.m. to noon at North Star United Methodist Church in Nikiski. “I am so blessed,” says one local mother. “This comes just in time,” says an elderly recipient. “Thank you so much!” says an unemployed father.

Donations are never turned away. Change is collected in the red boxes at M & M Market and the Lamplight Bar year round. Non-perishable food is collected at the Nikiski Post Office and School Food Drives. Thanks to these and other donations throughout the year the Nikiski Food Pantry serves 20-25 families per week.

Today we would like to publicly thank our community partners and community members who actively donated time, money and resources for the Community Garage Sale that was held in August.

Thank you to: Felix and Pam Martinez, M&M Market; Ron and Louise Mika, Nikiski Building Supply and Lamplight Bar; Steve Crew, Charlies Pizza; Audrey and Staff, Nikiski Post Office; Peak Oilfield Services; Weatherford; Duncan & Bush; the young person who donated all the pennies; members of North Star United Methodist Church; all community members who wish to remain anonymous; and anyone accidentally missed.

We say thank you. May the Lord bless you as you have blessed others!