‘Take it outside’ effort needs support

Smoking bans in enclosed areas are becoming more common and with good reason. Everyone has the right to breathe “smoke-free” air. Alaskans’ support for smoke-free indoor workplaces is high throughout all regions of the state, ranging from 75 percent to 84 percent.

Currently, there are two bills in the state legislature which will assure that all Alaskan’s are protected from second-hand smoke. Senate Bill 209 and House Bill 360 need your support.

We all have been well educated to the personal effects of breathing second-hand smoke and the medical issues that surround exposure.

Our local communities have taken measures to limit smoking, but the ban needs go a step further, it needs to be statewide! The law would require that those who choose to smoke “take it outside” in order to better protect the health and safety of all workers, patrons and visitors from the diseases caused by second-hand smoke. No one should have to choose between a good job and their health.

It is time for a statewide law, let’s all help to make it happen. Contact all the Alaskan Legislators and encourage them to pass the bill for Governor Parnell’s signature.