Stock will lay groundwork for future economy

Margaret Stock believes that Alaskans need to begin laying the groundwork for a post-oil economy now.

She points out that we are uniquely blessed with the ingredients needed to create industries that will be the envy of the world: Substantial wind power, solar power, biomass energy and mind boggling tidal forces.

And the most important ingredient of all – our human capital! Our extraordinary scientists, engineers, technicians, fabricators and business people!

Margaret not only sees us transitioning to renewable sources of energy but she envisions lucrative, labor-intensive Alaskan industries springing up, providing the expertise and hardware the world needs to harness nature’s energy – tidal energy turbines, wind turbines, biomass energy plants, and more.

These new industries will infuse our economy with outside money, helping to replace the cash we’ll stop receiving as we pump our aging oil fields dry.

And these industries will create jobs that will never go away.

With strong, smart leadership like Margaret Stock offers, we can create a statewide culture and economy based on renewable energy.

Please join me in supporting Margaret Stock for US Senate.