Soldotna voters keep an eye on government power

We need more power! “Home Rule Power.” So says the City of Soldotna management and administration. Power to increase taxes, start new tax schemes and spend the revenue on whatever and whenever, without voter consent! Golf courses, convention centers, airport expansion, chamber of commerce welfare grants, all will be possible thanks to you, the silent majority, the year-round taxpayer.

Is there a very special election Feb. 3? Some people of heard of it — most residents haven’t. Here’s comments from some who have. Recent public statements by our municipal leaders:

Pete Sprague, Soldotna City Council: “We feel like it would give us more control over our destiny. We’ve been following the bed tax issue and the non prepared food tax issue in winter time.” — September 16, 2014, Homer Tribune

Under Home Rule, Soldotna could impose bed tax and grocery tax without voter approval.

Linda Murphy, Soldotna City Council: “We will be able to control our own destiny. We will have a lot more control over the day to day. Right now, if we want to implement a bed tax, for instance, we would have to get permission from the Borough.” — October 5, 2014, Peninsula Clarion

Ron Long, Seward City Manager: “The broadness of home rule means: You have more authority as a home rule city. Be careful how you use it.” — August 26, 2014, Homer Tribune

After 47 year of tried and true, proven success, from Mrs. Farnsworth through Mr. Lancaster, Mr. Carey, Mr. Micciche, all the council members, and the finest City Manager ever, Mr. Larry Semmens, now comes a new group that pushes us toward radical change and silent schemes, when there is no problem.

So therein is the story, a sad, sad situation. But you can be part of the neighborhood watch — you can watch and wonder, when, and how in the heck did that happen? Or, you can go vote. Its just one oval to fill in, but it says so much more. Please take the power. Don’t just watch. Once it’s Home Rule, there’s no turning back to the “good old days.”

Please vote Feb. 3 or sooner (absentee). Thanks for your consideration.