Ship of State beginning to move in right direction

At last, the sails of the Ship of State are beginning to fill, and billow, in the right direction.

The self-proclaimed intellectuals that reside in DC at the moment, the ones that are trying to control the very minutiae of our lives, are, understandably, upset. True freedom is something that they cannot abide. They loudly claim to be “pro-choice,” but in the name of “caring” and “fairness” that does not apply to gun ownership, speech, religion, education (think “Common Core”), medical care (think “Affordable” Care Act), school lunches, soft drinks, personal transportation, and more. It’s very much no-choice in those areas.

However, individual freedom is what made this country unique in all the history of the world. It is the reason that we have been able to make such incredible strides in so many areas of human existence in such a short time. Greater strides than other countries that have existed for centuries longer. Individual freedom is paramount.

This is a constitutional republic, which is government of the people, by the people, and for the people. It needs to stay that way.

For the next two years we will be getting a lot of obfuscating, bloviating, arrogance, mendacity, and atrocious behavior. In 2017, though, we shall be able to get this country back on the road to being free, prosperous, strong, and secure.

Let’s start, right now, on Project “Re-Occupy the Oval” — Office, that is.