Senator listened on HB 77

In response to the August 12 article, “District O candidates square off” I would like to thank Senator Micciche for his support against House Bill 77. The part he played in bringing light to the bill for Alaskans was invaluable and without him, many Alaskans would have had a very difficult time supplying input on the bill and possibly wouldn’t have even heard of it at all. There is consensus among the public involved in the HB 77 fight, that Micciche’s contribution was integral in ensuring a bill was not passed without full support by the public. Senator Micciche’s series of town meetings to discuss HB 77 was proof that the Senator is willing to keep Alaskans in the public process. If it wasn’t for the time he took to hear from residents in Kenai and Homer this bill would have likely flown through both the House and the Senate with little public input. Because of his efforts to host hearings, Micciche took a bold move and let his constituents tell him how to proceed, a move we don’t see often enough in this state.