Responsible use of Permanent Fund should come before taxes

I need someone to carry the banner, I would but I’m in my mid80s. The banner should say “NO NEW TAXES.” This state has over $50 billion on hand, why should we be taxed more?

A lot of us old timers fretted over the lack of accountability our state government exhibited during the initial North Slope oil lease sales income which seemed to disappear and also where the oil money was going after the pipeline became operational. In order to maintain their positions with their constituents the legislators brought home the bacon like there was going to be no tomorrow. The majority of Alaska citizens wanted to stem this outflow and save some of the oil income for the time when the oil ran out and so they voted to make it part of the state constitution. This Constitutional Permanent Fund would require special actions to be used. This permanent fund was not necessarily intended to for future generations, but rather for when the oil flow started to dwindle.

Now is the time to use this resource and it is up to the Legislature to develop a plan to withdraw a select amount, as required to meet the needs of the state, not the wants. If we can’t trust our government with the Permanent Fund, how can we trust them with our taxes?