Republican Party should return to roots

If you are like me, you are concerned about the nation’s ever growing debt, growing government, government involvement in its citizens lives, IRS targeting, EPA over regulation, and the list goes on. I for one, want a senator that will fight for my conservative values and not “evolve” in order to fit in. The current GOP leadership in both houses have failed us! The two current Alaska senators have failed to represent our conservative values and thus have also failed us. They get their marching orders from the establishment and obey, since they owe their election to the machine. Now is the time to support the conservative candidate that will not “owe” anything to the progressive, big government GOP establishment once in office. We are not the extremists that the GOP paints us to be, we are Reagan Republicans that want our party to come back to its roots and offer the country a true alternative to the Democratic Left Wing Party.

I am supporting Joe Miller for our senate seat. Before you start with the GOP statement of “He’s not electable,” or what I’ve heard from people around town, “He lost the general election in 2010 and then acted like a child, challenging the results,” you probably are not aware of the circumstances of what the challenge was about. Joe was defending the rule of law and his right under state election law to receive equal treatment during the hand counting of the ballots. If one candidate’s ballots receive a hand count then the other is hand counted as well. This did not happen! Lisa Murkowski was allowed to keep the ballots that were not in compliance with the election law, i.e. those being the ones that did not contain the exact spelling of her name as required by the law. If the state no longer supports that law, then change it! Don’t ignore it like the federal government ignores the Constitution. If the government thinks the Constitution is outdated and no longer applies to this day and age, there is a process to change it. You cannot just ignore it!

Elect the man that will stand for us, the U.S. Constitution and the rule of law!