Republican candidates getting harder to bear

I have to say this, I’m truly impressed by the Republican Party.

I’ve been closely watching the presidential campaigning by Republican candidates. Republican presidential candidates are becoming more effective and successful at getting their message across.

Republican presidential candidates have spent their time campaigning successfully and effectively. They provide confirmation over and over again.

It’s uncanny.

It’s awesome.

It’s indelible.

Each of them has made it unmistakably clear to the American public that not a one of them should ever be allowed even anywhere near any elected office, let alone anywhere near the office of the presidency.

The message from Republicans these days? It is loud and it is clear. It is endlessly repetitive, and it has not left any more room for any doubt.

The election is still a year away. My guess is, this doesn’t get better. The Republicans have been pushing the limits of credibility for several years now, the only thing not clear now is if they’ve finally given up any question of pretense whatsoever.

If I find it hard to comprehend the depths to which the Republican Party has fallen, what can the discriminating Republican have on his or her mind? Are there any discriminating Republicans left?

It’s not like there aren’t real world policy questions that need be addressed.

As I get older and admittedly somewhat more irascible, I have to say, there’s more to this than just my own lack of the ability to any longer remain stoic in the face of it.