Removing flag doesn’t remove the hate

My opinion on all this Confederate hlag hype which is hitting all sides of prejudice. Let’s take a long look at history. People of many countries have fought for their “rights.” The battles were full of hate and prejudice. But, as the smoke and dust cleared they carried their flags we have to this day — flags raised high at our U.N. Building. Let’s take all them down. Or the flags of Gay Pride, Alaska Native Pride, Puerto Rico flags, American Indians. We see them on the mirrors of cars and trucks, tailgates, on caps even. These are worn by people who have come a long way in life — Pride and Rights, Freedom.

As far as this flag (Confederate) being hooked up with the KKK — you would be surprised who hides under those robes and hoods (lawyers, professional people, highly educated) not “your white trailer trash” as people have stereotyped the KKK. Do I agree with what they believe? NO. But I do believe in being a rebel and speaking up.

Taking the Confederate flag down or any other flag down will never stop the hate and prejudice.

My Confederate flag will stay up. It’s pride, not hate.