Reader finds inspiration at political event

During the Memorial Day weekend many events were taking place throughout our great state. One was the Alaska Freedom Fair held in Wasilla at the Menard Center. This event was presented by the Alaska Republican Assembly. The event guest speakers included Sharron Angle, NFRA President; Willies Lee, NFRA Pacific NW Vice President; and Richard Mack, sheriff and author. All speakers drew a standing ovation as each speaker completed and departed the stage. It was the Keynote Speaker Pastor Rafael Cruz, (Father of U.S. Senator Ted Cruz) that delivered the events most powerful and compelling speech.

In addition to the music, food and information booths guests had the opportunity to meet with several of the candidates currently running for office at both state and federal levels. A straw poll was taken, and the surprising results had evolved. The results can be seen at

With the election just months away, have the tides finally changed for Don Young as reflected with the latest straw poll with 82 percent of the votes for John

Cox. Currently the media has focused all its attention on Miller, Treadwell, Sullivan and Begich for the U.S. Senate seat with little or no attention to the U.S. House seat which is a just as crucial in deed. I spoke with Mr. Cox, the winner of the straw poll. He was extremely pleased to see that his message is finally getting out. “It’s is not about how much money you raise for a campaign, it’s about the economic growth, strength, and security of our country. The position as your Representative was meant to be a civic duty not a lifelong career. Our government has created taxes, rules, and regulation that are becoming so intrusive into our everyday lives you may no longer enjoy those freedoms without some kind of permit issued by the government.”

It is now time to send a true conservative like John to Washington! As a small business owner he understands what it takes to make pay roll, keep the door open, and support the local economy. He understands the needs and issues that faces the fishing industry here in the state and is not afraid to speak out. The problems and needs for subsistence fishing and hunting for the Native Villages. The impact that the EPA has placed on the State as well as BLM, and the Department of Forestry. He deals with the excessive taxation imposed on him by local, state and federal regulations and see no end in sight unless we make the needed changes to Washington. New ideas are what we need not the status quo of politics, corruption and lack of transparency.

“The only way we are going to change Washington is by changing the people there!” John quoted.

As a result of the straw poll and my conversation maybe we should all listen to what Mr. Cox has to say and send him to be our next U.S. Representative.