Much ado over school spending

At times there is much ado about the public school education budget. We were wondering how much of the budget went to funding the expense of “sports” sctivity such as football and basketball with all of its infrastructure such as buildings, grounds, travel, equipment, etc.

Common sense is about all we rely on to get by and suggests the true purpose of pre-adult education is all about mental and physical development (academic and physical education) which of course is the ideal, from our perspective. But from a realistic point of view that can’t happen, sadly to say.

In a perfect world the “professional sports industry” would fund the training gorund for its future product, alas, better it be funded through taxation which really benefits a few at the expense of all taxpayers.

My memory affords me another negative of “competitive sports activity.” In my high school years of the very early 1950s when I accidentally broke a teammate’s ribs during football practice. Kids do dumb stuff sometimes during overzealous competition.