More to be done on issue of sexual abuse

Huffington Post is emphasizing National Women’s Health Week, May 12-18, in several ways.

Sandra Fluke pointed out the crisis of sexual assaults in America’s universities and colleges (May 14). According to statistics, 193,200 of 966,000 women earning degrees will be either raped or sexually assaulted before they earn their degrees.

This is a crisis that needs to be stopped not only in our universities and colleges but in our military and in America. She points out three areas that need to be addressed to help solve this problem. Prevention programs need to be started in our schools. i.e., the Erin Merryn’s Law bill thrown out by this year’s Legislature. Funds to support and treat the victims of assault need to be provided. And finally, universities and colleges need to be held accountable for providing a safe environment for women and men from sexual assault.

For me this raises several questions. The first is what is President Gamble and our University system doing to address these issues? Anything? Our current Legislature demonstrated their concern when they did nothing on the Merryn bill. Our Governor has demonstrated his concern by taking four years to investigate credible reports of sexual assault in the National Guard.