Many help with United Way Allocations Process

On behalf of the Kenai Peninsula United Way I would like to thank all those who helped with our Allocations Process. We were honored to have a total of 21 citizens to form the allocations committee this year. Some of you came from Homer, Ninilchik & Seward and we appreciate the time it took away from your everyday routine to help us with this process. If you see any of these people in your community please thank them on behalf of the Kenai Peninsula United Way: Barbara Jewel, Tyler Davis, Nancy Fields, Birch Ann Allen, Leslie Haynes, Viola Nordgren, JoAnn Pierce, Raymond Allen, Dan Lush, Phillip Lazenby, Erling Hofseth, June Harris, Sami Eisenman, Sharon Christopher, Jane Stein, Melissa Galloway, Melody Spangler-Hatch, Bernie Wilson, Michael Tice, Junie Steinbeck and Mark Robinson.

In addition to those giving their time personally, I want to thank College Heights Baptist Church for opening their doors as a venue for this event. Arby’s Soldotna for providing lunch for the hungry volunteers and Coke for the beverages.

A special thanks to my Campaign Coordinator Tom Janz and my intern Maranda Smith, without whom I would be totally lost! You guys do so much for this organization!

Community dollars contributed during our annual campaign are a source of revenue for our 27 agencies. These dollars are comprised of corporate gifts, employee gifts through payroll deduction, corporate matches on employee contributions and individual personal gifts.

Our local Kenai Peninsula United Way Board of Directors is committed to keeping administrative and fundraising costs to 15 percent, therefore distributing more funds to those agencies in need of money.

Again thank you to all who donated in the 2014 campaign as well as those that gave the gift of time and service.