Make education funding a priority

How can the State of Alaska even squabble over funding education? Our children are not just numbers. Sometimes adults get so caught up in making money work they forget that one tiny, simple, fact. In an ideal world money would never be a worry but unfortunately that is not the case. Adults know this and have to make tough decisions. Those tough decisions should not and can not affect the education of the youth. When does money mean more than the future? Shame on us for not realizing the greatest asset the state of Alaska has to develop is the youth.

We need to rally and tell our legislatures and representatives to look at funding all schools to the maximum. While I realize it is important to balance the budget I also realize education is the most important aspect of any young person’s life. It is our job to ensure the future for this younger generation. This generation of thinkers and doers. Don’t task them with cleaning up our mess. Do the right thing and fund education to the fullest of our abilities. Think of our children as the greatest resource we have available.

Education is the baseline of the future. Take a look at all of the technological advances made in the past 30 years and ask if any of those would be possible without Education. Education is to teach each individual how to learn, not what to learn. We need a future generation of critical thinkers. Critical thinking is a skill that elevates thinking beyond memorization into the realm of analysis and logic.

A critical thinker is self-directed, raises fundamental questions, identifies problems and is able to communicate them clearly and precisely. They are self-disciplined and self-monitored gathering and assessing relevant information coming to well-reasoned conclusions and solutions.

Education is the most essential part of a student’s life, Imagine it, if we could remember the plans we had as young prodigy’s. Do you remember all the dreams your younger self wanted? Do you remember you were the one to save the world? If we were all taught to our fullest potential just think how far the advancement of technology, medicine, agriculture etc. could take us, We can still be the one to save the world. Funding education is not a need it is a necessity. Let your school district, your legislature, your representative and your local school know you stand behind fully funding education.