Letter: Worries about cannabis unfounded

Worries about cannabis unfounded

I wish to commend Holly Abel for her compassionate, educated, and informed letter to the editor (Sept. 21) asking folks to vote No on prop 1 on Oct. 3rd.

As usual, folks who are against ignorance and myths of the “dangers” of cannabis, speak with truth and facts, with hope and faith.

I also wish to commend the Clarion for also printing Keith Hamilton’s alternate view. As always, those against Cannabis, do not tell the truth, make up statistics and situations to support their unfounded paranoia.

Illegal pot is now available, and always has been, to “young people” from illegal dealers who are only in it for the money, with no control of quality, purity, safety of their products.

I think you folks will see that each time a person stands to “protect young people” by telling you to vote yes on prop 1, they will tell untruths, give false information, and show fear.

Those who ask you to keep cannabis legal, enjoy its benefits, whether it be medical, financial, or simply our earned freedom, will tell facts, the truth, and express hope for all our children and parents.

Ignorance may be bliss, but not when it is forced on one’s neighbors. Intelligence and maturity is welcome in any community. Now, let’s go forward, not backwards. Vote NO on prop 1.

David Booth