Letter: Tour of Kenai Peninsula College appreciated

Tour of Kenai Peninsula College appreciated

On behalf of Soldotna Prep School, I would like to thank Ms. Emily Knight of Kenai Peninsula College (KPC) for organizing our annual tour of KPC’s campus. The purpose of our field trip was to kick off SoPrep’s Freshmen Career Exploration program with the shared intent to raise awareness of the many benefits that KPC offers to our kids. Highlights of the tour were visiting the residency hall, the Career Technology Education Building where the “Big Silver” is housed, and the Student Learning Center that provides all kinds of services to help college students become accomplished graduates. The tour guides were exceptional and provided information from a college student’s perspective. This was SoPrep’s fourth year to visit KPC and by far it was the best! It’s greatly appreciated.

Karen Ruebsamen

Soldotna Prep and RCA School Counselor