Letter: Time to stop saddling a dead horse

Time to stop saddling a dead horse

I wish to pose a question in logic: Suppose one needs to determine the cost of “driving” 800 miles to a port that will take you where you wish to go from Prudhoe Bay.

There are two geographical locations, Nikiski is one and Valdez is the other. The route to Nikiski has no “road” over raw land and infrastructure problems. The Valdez port already has 800 miles of access that parallels the existing pipeline. Question: which route would be the most logical and economical? To build a pipeline that would parallel an existing route or one over raw land and under Cook Inlet to Nikiski? (Sorry, I guess that’s two questions.)

Beyond that reasoning, this is a multi-billion dollar project funded by the state that is already in “dark red.” This is a questionable project of questionable value. It’s time to stop saddling a dead horse.

Paul Vos,