Keep your distance from wildlife

As you know, there are many new people living here now, yet even the true Alaskans need to watch when driving. Stop pulling over next to a caribou, moose, wildlife in general for a ‘picture’ or to get a closer view of them. It is causing these precious beauties to get run over. Keep your distance from the wildlife for your safety and theirs. Also, we have found many porcupine families being hit and killed. This is dangerous for many reasons. First, you can puncture your tires from their quills, cause others to do the same, and your running them over depletes their population. Just to name a few reasons. Please watch when you drive. Honk at the moose to keep them away from the traffic if you’re driving near them. Don’t swerve to ‘hit’ them. They are simply looking for berries, greens, nature to feed them. Also, do not feed them. This is dangerous for you and them.

Watch and look at the natural beauty of Alaska’s wildlife and surroundings. Be kind to all the animals for your safety and their survival.

This message is brought to you by The S.P.C.A. of the Kenai Peninsula Inc. and Alaska Wildlife Conservation.