Justice system falling short

What has happened to justice?

Our judicial system is constantly turning criminal loose without any repercussions for their actions. People with multiple types of offenses are run through the revolving door system and let right loose to do it again. What happens when someone kills someone because of their negligent behavior, such as texting and driving or being in a hurry or they are in situation to wait for a vehicle to pass or take a chance on beating that vehicle through the intersection. Without any regards for the other person, their family or lives. It’s amazing that people still do these thoughtless things.

On April 23, 2011, just such an avoidable tragedy happened. Jim Stutsman was riding his motorcycle and was killed by an impatient driver. This driver made the conscious decision to make the choice of trying to beat him through an intersection and took Jim Stutsman’s life. The driver is a wanna be “Street Racer” and has had many driving offenses, such as failure to yield right of way, speeding, no insurance, speeding in a school zone and maybe more and has gotten away with it yet again. This driver has gotten away with murder. And he is only being charged with failure to yield right of way. He didn’t have insurance at the time and won’t even be charged with that.

Yet, recently a young woman was arrested and taken to Wildwood for driving and texting.

The driver that killed Jim Stutsman is getting no charges. What a twisted and backwards system we have. If you kill somebody because of negligent, wreckless, thoughtless and careless behavior you can get away with murder. Has our justice system gotten to the point that they don’t value another person’s life? Are we showing our society that these types of crimes won’t even be pursued and if a person does something so thoughtless that there won’t be any price to pay? Why won’t the District Attorney press any charges? Are these negligent behaviors that cost Jim Stutsman his life, becoming acceptable in our society? I don’t think this person should go to jail for life, but, should at least pay for his actions that took so much from so many lives. Our community should be appalled by our judicial system for allowing this kind of injustice to continue.

What has happened to justice?