Is more marijuana enforcement worth the cost?

Some lawmakers want to create new criminals by making bad laws regarding the production of pot. Isn’t it enough that the victimless crime of personal use has done such great harm to so many?

The advantage of a new war on those producing cannabis as a cash crop is small, if not altogether non-existent. Do we want more enforcement assets expended; more people arrested; more people in jail; more people losing their livelihood. The question is, is it worth it?

Aristotle defined bad law when he said: “For the habit of lightly changing the laws is an evil, and, when the advantage is small, some errors both of lawgivers and rulers had better be left; the citizen will not gain so much by making the change as he will lose by the habit of disobedience.” (Part VIII “Essays on Politics”) A free people who do no harm to others will only suffer more under more lightly changed laws.

Sound advice to those who want to create new laws hindering personal liberty. Today, we’d say to lawmakers: “Don’t go there.”