Invocation lawsuit a waste of borough funds

I have not fully followed the issue of asking for God’s direction at the opening of our borough assembly bimonthly meetings. They call it invocation.

Now there has been a law suit filed against the borough for not allowing a Satan worshipper the equal standing along with those who believe in God.

Most I know believe in God. Few agree how we should worship him but we agree on the need for God’s guidance in our individual and collective lives.

And who is the opposite of a benevolent God, Satan. Called Lucifer in the Bible. A very powerful angel who fought with God to have dominance over him. He and a third of the angels lost the war in heaven and were thrown out and upon this earth.

And humanity can follow him or God. We have a choice. Most in our community have a desire to follow God. We form groups and call them churches. The congregations understand who Satan is and have a desire to turn our backs on him.

And so the majority assembly members have followed their beliefs or constituency and rejected a prayer to Satan. Good for them. But what is the financial burden to the borough? Tens of thousands of dollars. Perhaps more. We are a nation of people who love money over all else.

And so the Christian church will grumble and complain and expect the borough government to absorbed the financial cost of a lengthy law suit.

The ACLU has deep pockets and attorneys having a desire for the publicity such a law suit will bring.

As a child I remember the “Moment of silence” we had in my public school I attended. My parents, as Christians, stood back when that “moment of silence” was removed from my school. As a parent, I allowed the public education system to turn against my faith and I gave up and turned to a private school. As Christians today we grumble and complain but fear economic loss if we dare to be an active opponent of abortion. Only grumbling and complaining.

And will the local Christian churches come forward with their financial support to help the legal fight against Satan today? No, it is much easier to keep our money for more noble things than to fight Satan.

But we sure know how to grumble and complain.