Inspiring to see youth stand up for their rights

The good news is that teachers and students are standing up and speaking out in favor of educational policies that educate students more fully than the limited anti-education policies proposed by three members of the school board in Colorado. (Jack Healy, the New York Times, September 23, 2014)

According to the report, hundreds of students from 11 high schools in the Jefferson County School District in Colorado’s second largest district participated in the protest against limiting their educational opportunities. Young people who stand up for a right make me proud and hopeful for our future.

Thank you young people for exercising your right to free speech and to playing a role in defining your education and our’s also. We need you to express your selves. You are key to our future.

Thank you to the teachers and parents for encouraging and bringing your young people to this point. Your parenting and teaching tell me you are absolutely doing some things right. I applaud you.

Seventy five years ago we had some very unhealthy practices. Children were to be quiet, stay in their seat, do their work, do not complain because children were meant to be seen not heard. The result of these practices seems to be our very unhealthy and largely uninvolved silent majority and at least one grouchy senior citizen. Our latest primary election resulted in 31 percent voter participation.