Hunting group neutral on fishing issues

This is an open letter to all fisheries user groups. The long-term policy of the Kenai Peninsula chapter of SCI is to not take any positions on any and all fishery issues. When this chapter was formed almost 25 years ago, it was unanimous that for the club to survive and prosper we would have to focus exclusively on hunting issues. We understood that fishery issues were divisive and polarizing — with no winners. We have had board members from all user groups and have flourished partly because it is understood that fishery issues are off limits, and so the club was able to concentrate on hunting.

We are a hunting organization, pure and simple, supporting our cause through conservation, education and promoting hunters’ rights. We have funded scholarships, youth hunting, getting women out hunting, fighting anti-hunting ballot issues, funding youth shooting sports and Women on Target, sending local teachers to American Wilderness Leadership School (AWLS), supporting conservation projects, and others too many to list. We have been awarded numerous national awards for our efforts. For a small club we have been hugely successful because of our community support.

If an individual SCI member makes negative comments about any fisheries group, it in no way reflects the policy or sentiment of our board or organization. Our board works hard to be a positive force in the community.

Good Hunting,

AKPSCI board member

Charter member and past president