HEA responsible, responsive

Several years ago HEA Management decided not to buy the coal fired power plant in Healy. In doing so they researched factors important to that decision and involved members in helping them in such a way that I was highly impressed with their decision making process. Subsequent events in the coal industry and the decline in numbers of coal fired power plants in the US and around the world speak to me of the wisdom of their decision.

This event and the successful operations of our electrical cooperative and customer services suggests to me the addition of a costly and dysfunctional layer of government oversight of HEA is not wise at this time. I am voting against it.

Yesterday I was reminded again of how fortunate we are to have HEA. My wife and I reported a flickering problem that could have been due to an electrical problem in our house or to a problem with the power supply. They responded almost immediately, arrived, established the problem and we are in the process of fixing it. Once again, I am impressed and grate full to HEA. Thank you.