Grim anniversaries approaching

August 6, 2015 is the 70th anniversary of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima, Japan, by our Air Force. August 8, 2015 is the 70th anniversary of our nuclear bombing of Nagasaki, Japan.

Scientific American reminded me by publishing an article entitled “Remembering the Blast” in this August’s issue. Two victims of those bombings describe their experience with nuclear radiation, burns, cancers, deaths that have been estimated at over 200,000.

His descriptions of the survivors of the blast were more horrible than any thing I can imagine. I suspect President Truman had no idea of the death, suffering and destruction he would unleash by his decision to use atomic bombs on Japan. Fortunately our leaders have diplomatically kept us from becoming engaged in a subsequent nuclear war.

August 14, 1945, eight days after Nagasaki was bombed I remember well. My family and I were in Sterling, Kansas, to have a picnic at the Sterling Lake in celebration of my 13th birthday. Billy Herndon, Chief of Police, turned on his siren and raced up and down Broadway in celebration of Japan’s announcement of it’s unconditional surrender signaling the end of WWII. The official surrender to MacArthur was carried out on September 2.

My sincerest hope is our current leaders work out a peaceful solution with Iran. John Kerry and President Obama are to be commended for their efforts to make that happen. Peace to all.