Fire fighter’s dedication, service applauded

Where do you start? How do you begin to tell someone how wonderful they are and to relay your appreciation for all that they have done, not just for you, but for your family, friends, and community? I would like everyone to join me in wishing Gary Hale, Fire Marshal, a wonderous bon voyage, happy trails, adios, adieu, so long.

Gary has served the Kenai Peninsula and the city of Soldotna faithfully and with the true heart of a fireman for 28 years with over 40 years of chasing fires and helping others in need. He has always had a smile on his face, a joke in his back pocket and a strong hand if you ever needed one. He has educated the people of his community about fire safety and has extended himself to continued knowledge of the same. Gary has exhibited the utmost courage and discipline that comes with being the Fire Marshal, a title that never should be taken lightly. He has held the hand of the elderly and looked into the eyes of a child — and the message has always been the same, take care of one another and stay safety minded.

Gary has served dutifully and with the true heart and compassion of a fireman. You have dreams to chase now instead of fires, but the fire will always burn inside of you.

So, please everyone in his beloved Soldotna, join me in thanking Gary for the dedication and impeccable service he has given to each of you in your hometown. Stop by the firehouse and shake his hand, pat him on the back, give him a smile and tell him “thanks”, the information he shares with you might save your house or life some day.

I salute you Gary Hale, thank you for all that you have done, I am so proud of you — congratulations on your retirement!