Control through distrust still working

In 1712 a purported letter was written from one slave owner, to others, to help control slaves on the plantation. Willie Lynch told his fellow slave owners how to better manage their “property.” “The Making of a Slave” was simple. Exploit the differences between them. Generate distrust where the slave must look to his/her master for safety.

The process is alive and well in the USA. Many minorities (not just skin tone) fear police behavior. I am one such minority. Police are told to be in fear of minorities. And we all fear each other. Whether the criminals of Nikiski, militia throughout the nation, or the black population in Ferguson.

And our slave master has the answer. Give more power and money to the police authority to keep us all safe from each other.

The masses fear people of color in Ferguson Missouri. There is an overall fear of black Americans. The answer is so simple for government. Declare a state of emergency and move in those who will keep us safe from each other. Missouri Governor Jay Nixon did exactly that this week.

Peace and safety over Freedom and Liberty. We have accepted our enslavement. As Willie Lynch stated, “I guarantee every one of you that, if installed correctly, it will control the slaves for at least 300 years.”

Seems to me the Willie Lynch principle of control was “installed correctly” throughout all of these United States.