Citizens must be involved in new comprehensive plan

I found the response of Mayor Porter in the Clarion’s Feb. 21 article on Recording Comp Plan Meetings quite enlightening. She intends to run the meetings her way regardless of what the public or even the council says.

The main players pushing the Comp Plan this year are the same as in 2013. Their attitudes have not changed. Can we expect the outcome to be any different?

The citizens of the City of Kenai should take a more proactive approach this time. The citizens should insist on being involved in defining and implementing the process.

One idea floating around is a citizens committee to oversee the process. Another is to require the final plan be approved by the voters before going to the KPB. The city should be open to input from the public on the process, not just follow a process that they have already defined.

In order to be the citizens’ plan, the citizens must have an substantial, effective role in the process.

This time it has to be the citizens’ plan.

This is our city, let’s make it our plan!