Choices on smoking should be left to business owners

Not only is there no smoking in most places, now they want to make it statewide! This is more government control and taking away more of our rights and our freedoms. When is this going end? I feel that smokers should be able to have a place to go and have their enjoyments also. We know it is not for us but it is our choice not the medical field and not health and social services. I don’t know why people think they know more on how I should live than I do.

So now not only our rights and freedoms being taken but I guess we are second-class citizens too. They want us to take it outside, well the bars don’t have anyone outside to watch what goes on out in the parking lot to make sure all is OK and no fights. You see we are responsible for what happens in our establishments so if something should happen we are the ones who will pay for it. The way I feel, we as owners pay for our licenses, permits, fees, and taxes so the government can spend more. I think that cigarettes are legal and smokers should be able to smoke in bars. Really it should be up to the owners if they want smoking or not. Our patrons should not have to be out in the rain, cold, wind and whatever.

If people want to quit than more power to them but it should not be a law to make owners to go non-smoking. What is happening is the government is slowly taking over of how we should run our business, but as a small business I know that losing any customer is bad for our little business and will make it hard to keep up with expenses, that goes for all small businesses. Now with the oil prices as they are and all the layoffs, it is tough for us. Here is what you smokers and bars need to do: get a hold of the legislators and contest House Bill 328 and do it soon. Time is running out. You can call the LIO office 283-2030 or take a written testimony up and someone will send it to Juneau for you. I urge you to do this now and give the legislators your opinions, we need to stop this before we lose and more of our freedoms or rights.