Borough employees shouldn’t sit on service boards

An open letter to Wayne Ogle,

We have been looking at Ordinance 2014-09. This ordinance would allow employees of the Borough to sit on Service Boards. We think it is a very bad idea for the following reasons:

1. It creates “ultra” employees. “Ultra,” in that the employee has a vested interest above and beyond the welfare and best interest of the citizen of the Borough. They have a personal stake, due their employment, in decisions that have to be made by the Service Boards.

2. It smacks of conflict of interest. Although, there may not be an actual conflict of interest created, the dual roles this ordinance allows, creates an appearance of conflict of interest.

3. This ordinance further isolates the citizen of the Borough from the resulting decisions of the governmental process.

4. It increases the perceived governmental control over citizen lives.

5. Service Boards perform an important function in our local government because they are the closest governmental body to exercise local-home-rule. They are allocating funds derived from local property taxes which are applied to limited, area specific problems and projects.

6. The existing code is to protect the American concept of division of powers. Service Boards administer funds as an extension of the legislative functions. Employees are part of the executive branch of our local government. This is a direct violation of our basic concepts.

Please vote no on this ordinance. It’s is repugnant to our American way of life and our concept of government. We are very concerned citizens.