Anchorage resident proud of Begich’s record

It’s come to my attention that attacks about Senator Mark Begich’s record as Anchorage’s mayor are running in ads across the state. I’m writing to set the record straight and share my personal experience of working with Senator Mark Begich when he was Mayor.

I’ve lived in Anchorage for almost 40 years and this city wasn’t always the thriving city it is today. When Mark took office, Anchorage was facing a staggering debt of $33 million. He took that challenge head on, working tirelessly with the Assembly members and city employees to eliminate the deficit. Under Mark’s leadership, Anchorage became a better, stronger city able to weather the ‘08 recession that left many cities crippled.

Mark helped make this city what it is today and a place I am proud to call home.

Not only was Mark an exceptional leader for this city, but he was wonderful to work with. He always made a point to let all of us know how much our work mattered to making this city a better place.

As our Mayor and now as our Senator, Mark is the kind of leader who will always stop and talk to you on the street to see how you are doing and hear about your concerns — I know from experience. That’s because he truly cares about making this city and state a better place for all Alaskans.

I am proud of his work as Mayor and Senator.