Old Man Young Muscle Reviews: How To Get Strong & Ripped in Your Senior Years (Fit After 50)

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Are you in your 50s? Are you finding it hard to add mass to your frame as you age? The reality is it’s harder for older guys to achieve their ideal physique due to the slowdown in testosterone and human growth hormone production.

Most seniors watch the mass they built during their early years disappear as they age. The aches and pains caused by a lifetime of lifting slow down your training program, and before you know it, you’re joining a Pilates class just to stay in shape.

What if there was a scientifically proven method to help you add lean mass to your frame as you age? This review will help you decide if this workout program will work for you.

What Is the Old Man Young Muscle Program?

The Old Man Young Muscle Program comes from the mind of Steve Holman. You might know him as the former editor of “Iron Man” bodybuilding magazine. He’s spent his life learning from the masters of the game like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mike Mentzer, and Tom Platz.

Steve has dedicated his life to lifting, spending the last 45 years under the barbell. He believes in drug-free lifting and has sought the ultimate natural program for building muscle his entire life. Steve got his inspiration for the Old Man Young Muscle Program after watching his friend, Doug, win the AAU Drug-Free Mr. Universe at 59.

Doug told Steve that his secret to success was utilizing an exercise program focusing on “biomechanically ideal” workouts and movements to reduce stress on his joints while building as much muscle as possible and shredding his body into stage shape for the competition.

The Old Man Young Muscle Program focuses on five principles to add high-quality mass to your frame.

  1. Progressive Muscle-Fiber overloading utilizing the patented STX Method
  2. It is the perfect exercise for each muscle group to see real results quickly.
  3. How to incorporate “Speed Sets” to boost workout intensity.
  4. How to train without using joint-crushing weights.
  5. The “Stretch Loading” principle strengthens the muscle fascia and adds mass.

Steve built the Old Man Young Muscle Program around the “Slow-Twitch Exhaustion” (STX) method. This scientifically-backed training method is ideal for maximizing the recruitment of muscle fibers during your lift, allowing your body to add slabs of lean muscle to your frame.

STX involves leading off the muscle with an “extended” set of multi-phase exercises to stimulate muscle fibers optimally. The principles come from the “Size Principle of Muscle-Fiber Recruitment” and the latest Brazilian research into its effect on hypertrophy and muscle growth.

This program is the only proven system helping men get bigger as they age. However, you won’t get a soft, puffy frame. Steve’s workouts and recovery program add lean mass to your frame without elevating body fat levels.

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What Do I Learn on the Old Man Young Muscle Program?

The Old Man Young Muscle Program gives you a comprehensive guide to working out in your senior years. Steve Holman put together this guide using his extensive knowledge of human physiology and energy systems and how to leverage our body and exercise to get optimal results as we age.

  • You can’t workout the same way in your 50s as you did in your 20s; that’s just a recipe for injury. Steve offers you a new approach to working out and guaranteed results.
  • Learn the five exercise factors to build mass in your 50s.
  • The best exercises for every body part that you can use without demolishing your joints.
  • Steve’s proprietary “Slow-Twitch Exhaustion method” (STX) features density-training exercises for building mass fast.
  • Applying the “size principle” to optimize muscle fiber recruitment during your workout and achieve growth activation in your muscles.
  • The three-day-a-week 35-minute workouts Steve uses to keep himself in shape.
  • A visual guide with start and finish photos of every exercise, giving you all the instruction you need.
  • How to use volume workouts safely and effectively to pack on mass in your senior years.
  • Learn about the three science-backed hypertrophic that stimulate muscle fiber growth.
  • The “Positions-of-Flexion” method to build muscle along several anabolic pathways for faster muscle development.
  • Understand the mechanics behind “speed sets” and the secret of adding intensity to your workouts to accelerate muscle growth.
  • Learn about the “Mr. America mass moves” and Brignoles interpretation and application of the exercises.
  • Dive into the secret that Arnold used to build his Olympian frame and stack mass onto your frame.
  • How to optimize your unique anabolic hormone profile using correct exercise selection.
  • The best supplements to use to pack on size and get shredded – no steroids or designer drugs required.
  • The recipe for Steve’s “Anabolic Smoothie” to enhance recovery and performance.
  • A science-backed bedtime ritual that helps you fall asleep faster and improve your sleep quality for optimal recovery.

The Old Man Young Muscle program is a holistic solution to muscle growth in your senior years. Just because time catches up with you doesn’t mean it needs to ruin your physique. With Steve’s guidance, you have all the tools you need to look great as you age. Your peers will wonder what you’re doing to stay in such great shape while their muscles fade away into obscurity.

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Old Man Young Muscle Review – What Does It Cost?

What would you pay to get into the best shape of your life in your senior years? Some men spend hundreds of dollars monthly on personal trainers, special diet plans, and supplements to achieve their physique goals.

Today, you can access this revolutionary program and get in the best shape for just $19.00. That’s less than a good meal at a restaurant, and you get access to a program that changes your life.

Steve Holman is so confident you’ll find outstanding value in his program that he’s willing to offer you a 60-day money-back guarantee on your purchase. If you’re not happy with your results, request a full refund. Email them at X-rep.com for information

Bonuses When You Order Old Man Young Muscle

When you order the Old Man Young Muscle program today, you qualify for a free bonus. Steve Holman offers free access to his “Muscle-On, Belly-Gone” diet plan, where he walks you through the best food choices to get shredded. This eBook guide has a $15 value, but it’s free today when you order the Old Man Young Muscle program.

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Old Man Young Muscle Review – FAQ

Q: Do I need a gym membership to start the Old Man Young Muscle program?

A: No. The Old Man Young Muscle program is designed to be an at-home program you can do anytime you feel like working out. You don’t need all the specialized cable equipment at gyms; just basic equipment like dumbbells will do the trick.

Q: Do I need specialized equipment to start the Old Man Young Muscle program?

A: No. You can complete the program with basic weights you can order from Amazon. They aren’t expensive, and you don’t need a complete setup at your home to reap the benefits of this powerful exercise program.

Q: Should I eat a special diet to benefit from the Old Man Young Muscle program?

A: No. The Old Man Young Muscle program works alongside any diet type. Whether you’re doing keto, low-carb, paleo, or high-carb, this program delivers results. As long as you’re eating the right calories to achieve your goals, that’s all that matters.

Q: How often must I train with the Old Man Young Muscle program?

A: This program doesn’t believe in overtraining. When you reach your senior years, recovery from exercise-induced stress is more important than working out daily. This program gives you three to four workouts a week, and that’s all you need to get in shape and maintain your physique.

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