beluga whales

On the lookout for Cook Inlet’s belugas

Cook Inlet’s belugas will be the target of a different kind of hunt this weekend. On Saturday, communities on the Cook Inlet will be on… Continue reading


Beluga food sources shifted from marine to freshwater over past 50 years

Over the past fifty years Cook Inlet’s endangered beluga whales have changed their feeding habits, eating less prey that originates in marine waters and more… Continue reading


Researcher finds many Cook Inlet belugas visit Kenai in spring

Editor's note: This story has been changed to clarify numbers that apply to beluga sightings, rather than individual whales. New monitoring of belugas in the… Continue reading


Researcher looks at beluga use of Kenai River

Editor's note: This story has been changed to correct the end date of Ovitz's observation project. Early this week Stevie Shackelford saw his first beluga… Continue reading

Tyonek the beluga moved to Texas

Tyonek, the six-month old Cook Inlet beluga whale calf rescued from a mudflat in Sept. 2017, was transported from Seward’s Alaska SeaLife Center to his… Continue reading

AOOS map syncs up agencies’ beluga research

There’s a lot of research happening on Cook Inlet beluga whales at any given time. Unfortunately, a lot of the data has stayed isolated, held… Continue reading

Tyonek the Texan: Beluga whale will be moved to SeaWorld San Antonio

Tyonek is going to Texas. The rescued Cook Inlet beluga whale will soon call SeaWorld San Antonio home, according to a release from NOAA Fisheries.… Continue reading

Stranded beluga calf recovering in Seward

A male beluga calf, estimated between two and four weeks old, became the first member of Cook Inlet’s endangered beluga population under human care after… Continue reading

Beluga research looks at failure to rebound

Two research efforts are taking new approaches to the question of why Cook Inlet’s endangered beluga whales haven’t recovered since hunting restrictions were placed on… Continue reading