Letter: The best medicine

The best medicine

I don’t share too much about religion as it can be offensive to some. I dislike organized religion, as did my savior. More people have died in the name of religion and beliefs than any other reason.

It is not for me to judge anyone or to be judged; that’s not our job. I am a Christian, but I don’t believe in denominations — never have I read Catholic, Baptist, etc. in the Good Book. I grew up Southern Baptist. I was a youth leader-teacher in my early 20s. I asked the preacher and deacons what Baptist meant and never got a good reply. One deacon said that Baptists believe that once you are saved, you are always saved while the Methodists believe you can fall from Grace. To me, that was not an answer to my question. But it was the best response I got.

Native Americans believe in the Great Spirit; I love that. Then Europeans came and forced their religion on them, and many died for their beliefs. So many people were killed in the name of the Catholic Church and Rome; we still live in the era of the Roman Empire. I believe that whatever a person believes is their right.

As I said, I am a Christian. I truly love my God and believe in His word as a great way to live. The Bible has been rewritten so many times to serve kings and has been changed to suit their needs. Don’t believe the Bible word for word — much is written in parables. A lot of preachers will speak on a specific verse but leave out the verses before and after, which would give the verse a new meaning and context.

One of my favorite music artists is Freddy Rodriguez, known as “Sugar Man.” Born in Detriot, he worked as a carpenter for $16 an hour even after he became famous in other countries.

Life is but a moment in time, and it becomes more precious the older we get. I pray everyone lives it to the fullest and enjoys life. If someone is not enjoying life, it will pass them by. “Life is a garden, dig it” (Joe Dirt). An old friend always said “Life is a beach, sometimes we have to swim for it.” I believe our attitude is powerful. If you say Mondays stink, I assure you they will. Be careful what you say and put into the atmosphere. The Bible says to be a man of few words and to speak softly. Don’t be boastful or have a big ego. Stay humble. Pray for wisdom and you will receive it in abundance, though never the way you expect. Trials get easier after about two weeks to handle and understand.

The best medicine I’ve found is to mix God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit with positive energy and viola, great healing power.

Carlos Cody,