Letter to the Editor: Alaska AG’s support of Christian cross case unacceptable

As a local humanist, I find it wholly unacceptable that Alaska Attorney General Kevin G. Clarkson has signed onto an amicus brief in support of… Continue reading

Voices of the Peninsula: Lake ‘Monsters’ Revisited?

Using the term “monster” is always an attention-grabber, so now that you are reading this, let us go into verifiable facts, witnesses and evidence to… Continue reading

Cal Thomas: What’s the point of a carbon tax rebate?

DUBLIN, Ireland — The Irish government is proposing rebates to a carbon tax it recently imposed to households that comply with what it considers “low-carbon… Continue reading

Rich Lowry: Millennial socialism 101

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s so-called Green New Deal makes the obligatory nod to the original New Deal, but FDR’s handiwork is much too modest an antecedent. The… Continue reading

Rich Lowry: The irrational allergy to the wall

It’s a wonder that Democrats haven’t staked out a negotiating position demanding the destruction of already-existing barriers along the U.S.-Mexico border. Their opposition to President… Continue reading

Cal Thomas: Decision time on Brexit

LONDON — To Brexit, or not to Brexit, that is the question (apologies to Shakespeare). The answer to whether the UK will pull out of… Continue reading

Voices of the Peninsula: Whither Away, America?

Where are we, as a nation, going? Now comes the natural question: “Just why are you asking that question?” But first, let’s look briefly at… Continue reading

Voices of the Peninsula: Gov. Dunleavy leaves Alaskans in a ditch

When our new governor took down the “Climate Action for Alaska” webpage as one of the first acts of his administration, he left us in… Continue reading

Bob Franken: The exchange rate

The holiday week leading up to New Year’s has special meaning. The day after holy Christmas, we celebrate the wholly mercenary observance of Exchange Day.… Continue reading

  • Jan 2, 2019

Rich Lowry: Trump should chill about the stock market

Donald Trump may watch the stock market more closely than any day trader. For a president who underlined the increasing importance of working-class whites to… Continue reading

Bob Franken: And the winner is …

I am happy to report that television news hangs on, even in this fragmented world of social media, where opinions spew at hyperspeed, unencumbered by… Continue reading

Rich Lowry: Movie of the year brings the humanity of those who fought WWI to life

The filmmaker Peter Jackson deserves more than an Oscar; he deserves a medal. What the director of the “Lord of the Rings” and “Hobbit” movies… Continue reading

  • Jan 2, 2019

Bob Franken: Trump between Iraq and a hard place

As we hopefully shout “Happy New Year!” let’s hand it to President Donald Trump. There he was, the commander in chief, closing out the old… Continue reading

Rich Lowry: The insufferable James Comey

Never before has a former FBI director boasted about taking advantage of an administration’s disorganization for his own ends. But never before has a former… Continue reading

Cal Thomas: No peace or goodwill

Not for a long time has the world seemed so removed from the angelic proclamation of 2,000 years ago: “Glory to God in the highest,… Continue reading

Letter to the Editor: Alaska needs more bipartisanship, not less

A recent letter to the editor criticized Representative Gary Knopf for wanting to organize a bipartisan caucus in the State House of Representatives. I believe… Continue reading

Bob Franken: Season’s hallucinations

T’was the time around Xmas, and all through the White House, Not a creature was stirring, they were much further south. For Trump’s jesters, reporters… Continue reading

Bob Franken: Lame-duck mucking

OK, I get it. After an election, when the incumbent is about to be transformed into the former, we need a transition period. All in… Continue reading

Cal Thomas: And Now the Boy Scouts

The erosion of what many Americans once believed were the foundations of our country continues apace. They include, but are not limited to, overspending and… Continue reading

Bob Franken: The slam sham

I’m not ready to say that President Donald Trump and Democratic leaders are in cahoots. I don’t know that. I can’t conclusively prove that, ahead… Continue reading

  • Dec 17, 2018