Letter to the editor: Stop playing games with the Kavanaugh nomination

Stop playing games with the Kavanaugh nomination

When Judge Kavanaugh was appointed to the DC Circuit Court of Appeals 12 years ago, there was not such a circus as the Democrats are presenting for us now with his consideration for the Supreme Court.

Chuck Schumer and other Democrats vowed to do everything possible to defeat any nominee President Trump would select, even before they knew who the nominee was. With all the eleventh-hour shenanigans, it’s easy to see through the smoke and mirrors to the real agenda. Is it unreasonable to expect our elected officials to act like mature adults? What happened to judging a man by the content of his character? What happened to setting personal and petty differences aside in order to conduct the peoples’ business?

Judge Kavanaugh is a man of integrity and the smear campaign being conducted against him is shameful. Evidence shows that it’s about as baseless as some of the letters I’ve recently read denouncing Kavanaugh as bad for Alaska and its people.

Any judge with a proven track record of interpreting the law from the Constitution and who refuses to legislate from the bench is a good nomination to the Supreme Court. It may not be what the Democrats want, but they gave us their nominee for president and they lost the election.

Tit for tat is a playground behavior we try to help our elementary school kids to rise above. Hopefully, for the good of our nation and the integrity of our political process, we can all judge people by the content of their character. Judge Kavanaugh has a long and impressive record not just in judicial matters, but as a man of honor and true grit.

It’s high time we stop playing childish games and weigh the man and his unquestionable qualifications against the ideals of what we’re looking for in a Supreme Court justice. Senator Murkowski, please help end the madness by again coming to the support of Judge Brent Kavanaugh — this time for Supreme Court!

— Greg Madden, Soldotna

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