Letter to the Editor: Board of Fish fails the Kenai

The nasty flip floppers have taunted Kenai Peninsula residents after giving them the hope

Board of Fish fails the Kenai

Isn’t it ironic that the very government agency that is so full of process and solicitation for public participation has denied Kenai Peninsula residents equal access for more than 20 years?

Yes, that would be the Anchorage Board of Fisheries. The nasty flip floppers have taunted Kenai Peninsula residents after giving them the hope of a meeting in Soldotna after 20 years.

If folks recall the 2001 meeting was moved to Anchorage because a battery of letters sent from KRSA, convinced the board that Soldotna was “too dangerous ” for board of fish meeting. One board member said “because of my health. ”

Another board member said, “Anchorage is neutral, halfway between Wasilla and Soldotna.”

What I say or rather ask is the following: As Anchorage is reported to be number one in the nation in shootings, rape and domestic violence, how can it be safer than sleepy little Soldotna???

Therein lies the ultimate irony, oh, and a government agency that champions protocol but doesn’t not follow their own.

— John McCombs Ninilchik

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