Letter: Nikiski North Star appreciates help with fall carnival

  • Monday, November 9, 2015 3:40pm
  • Opinion

Nikiski North Star PTA would like to thank everyone who helped at our fall carnival. It was a super success and our tremendous volunteers showed us that Nikiski still loves their fall carnival!

Thank you to our high school volunteers, Angela Nunley, Tayalur Moore, Katelyn Moore, Avery Kornstad, Gavin Wallis, Alexis Stormer, Shayne Pope, Margie, Evie, Martin and Hamilton Cox, Tasha Oshwann, Zoey Murphy, Hugh Nelson, Gracie Satterwhite, Luck Broussard, Kelsie Zoda, Jack Sullenger, Alie and Mathew Minion, Henry Heft, Ashana Poage, Isabel and Vanessa Lopez, Taya Ulrich; NMHS Football Cheerleaders, Alexa Schmidt, Shelby Baylie, Trinity Biamonte, Liz Oliva, Arianne Parrish, Jeanelle Stock; our Middle Schoolers, Vincent Hooper, Simon Grenier, Jordyn Flynn, Trista Apsted, Madeline Stichal, Wyatt Stormer, Adrienne Muir; NNS staff members, Karen Pala, Brianna Redfern, Tanya Erwin, Adrianne Bostic, Kristie Cotroneo, Tanna Chenault, Sara Bressler, Katy Settlemyer, Susan McCluury, Julie Murcinkowski, Geoff Randall, Heather Baker, Mike Reid, Matt Boyle, Monica Heath, Margaret Gilman and Nicole Stein; our community members, Laura Favretto, Gretchen (Q) Graeff, Angie Wellborn, Carol Leeper, Loretta Cook, Nancy Eggbert, Lizzy Young, Baker Hensley, Audrey Johnson, Katrina Nelson, Judy Scheels, Alice Nuxoll, Don Weller, Mark Steinsburg, and our NNS parents Megan Muir, Samantha and Travis Moore, Heidi Quick, Samantha Playle, Sasha Falon, Cristina Hansen, Anami Trina Stichal, Janell and Byron Grenier, Josh Biamonte, Rhonda White, Sarah Holiday, Amanda Flynn, Amanda Abel, Jessica Doth, Jennifer Chamberlain, Emily Brigham, Allana Kimball, Koleen Wittmer, Becky Porter, Darcy McCaughey, Mike Velie, Kelly McCaughey, Rebecca Corbeille Jackson, Janice Stormer, Bianca Chase, Pam Martinez, Ayron Byrd, Misty Peterkin.

A special thank you to La Casa Italiana for pizzas to feed our volunteers, Charlie’s Pizza and the Nikiski Fire Department for help with parking. It was a pleasure to work with so many great people and put together such a wonderful event!

Nikiski North Star Elementary
Parent Teacher Association