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The Lost Ways 2 Reviews: Book Worth Buying? Do Not Use Yet!

What would happen if the world reverts to ancient times when there was no power, tapped water, advanced medical care, convenience stores, or modern homes? In times of crisis, the best you can do is to survive. Unfortunately, you cannot predict when a crisis or pandemic will hit. Thus, you must be well prepared in advance to survive in any circumstances. During a crisis, you must have the necessities to survive. These include a safe and secure shelter, nutritious food, clean water, and medical care.

However, even the best government may not provide you with these necessities when disaster strikes. Thus, you must learn how to feed your family, shelter them and ensure their health is not compromised. According to Claude Davis, the author of the second edition of The Lost Ways 2, nature can provide you with survival gear during a crisis, but only if you know-how.

What is The Lost Ways 2? What’s inside the program?

According to the author, The Lost Ways 2 is a comprehensive book that gives more survival details than The Lost Ways 1 handbook. In the second edition, readers will find more details on:

  • A century-old superfood that is easy to prepare and preserve
  • Fuel that lasts for extended periods
  • How to make your antibiotics, analgesics, and other drugs
  • How you can preserve food naturally
  • Which wild fruits are edible
  • How to make your shelter like the pioneers

Instead of learning how to survive when a calamity strikes, The Lost Ways 2 provides you with details on how you can swim with the tide and safely emerge as a strong survivor. Apart from preparing for the disaster, The Lost Ways 2 trains you to live like the pioneers. Modern scholars believe that the key to longevity and vitality lies in our forefathers’ food and drugs. Thus, consuming organically grown foods and using ancient medicinal plants can reduce regular visits to the hospital and increase your lifespan.

1. Superfood

The Lost Ways 2 author asserts that he discovered a traditional superfood that is over four centuries old. Claude Davis claims this superfood is so nutritious that it helped Incans to survive a 4-year old famine. The Incans stored this superfood in pit-holes and used it for years. Unfortunately, when Incan civilization died, knowledge about this superfood was also gone until recently, when NASA researchers rediscovered it. Apart from its nutritional value, this superfood requires no refrigeration and is also easy to prepare.

Due to its ability to survive inclement weather, NASA scientists give these superfood rations to astronauts during the month-long space journey. Still, the formula for making this superfood was classified to keep it from other people. However, Claude Davis claims that he came up with this survival program to make this recipe available to many after a trip to Andes Mountain. What’s more, it’s easy to get the ingredients in any grocery near you.

In addition, Claude Davis offers two other superfood recipes that can keep you and your family from starvation.

One of the superfoods helped numerous folks survive the great depression and is called the “food miracle.” Similarly, The Lost Ways 2 offers you a formula for preserving meat using this superfood. “Food Miracle” has a shelf life of up to 24 months without refrigeration.

The second superfood was invented during war, and it became an absolute necessity in samurai history. As per Claude Davis, this superfood is rich in probiotics and nutrients that can keep your family healthy for several months.

2. Making 6 pounds of charcoal – the pioneer way

Can you make your charcoal? Today, most people use charcoal to make fires and grill barbecues. However, The Lost Ways 2 author provides the readers with other uses of charcoal in case of calamities. Additionally, this survival book gives you step-by-step methods of making your charcoal. Thus, apart from getting charcoal-making skills in preparation for a crisis, you can make your fuel and keep yourself warm in winter.

Apart from fuel, The Lost Ways 2 gives you a simplified method of making your activated charcoal. Activated charcoals have multiple uses, including:

  • Absorbing toxins in water purification
  • Making gas masks
  • Making medicinal pills for various ailments such as digestive system problems

3. Rendering lard and preserving meat – the ancient way

According to Claude Davis, rendering lard was a common kitchen ingredient used similarly to butter. Apart from cooking purposes, lard was an essential ingredient in meat preservation and used as a fuel source.

How do you make rendering lard?

  • Prepare the fat using back or leaf fat
  • Cure the fresh fat for two days using salt
  • Chop the fat into equal pieces
  • Place the fat inside a pot under medium heat
  • Using a wooden spoon, stir after every minute for about ten minutes and after that stir after five minutes
  • Add some water to prevent the fat from sticking to the pan
  • Use the lard to preserve meat for up to 12 months

4. Wild foods

Not every plant or part of the plant is edible. The Lost Ways 2 provides you with guidelines for identifying edible wild foods. The author lists a safety guideline that can help you gather wild foods. Similarly, there are large pictures of wild foods to help you figure out safe wild foods, for example, dandelions, acorns, pine trees, walnuts, sunflowers, wild potato, and white mustard. Knowing which wild foods are edible can help you survive. Some wild foods are eaten raw, while others need to be grounded into a fine powder.

5. How to preserve pig without refrigeration

Smoking is a simple and practical method of preserving meat. The Lost Ways 2 offers readers a step-by-step guide on how to cure and preserve pig meat. Smoking pig meat can help you survive prolonged drought spells without needing a freezer. Claude Davis gives the readers two smoking techniques that they can use in meat preservation.

6. Samurai blade sharpening technique

Before civilization, the samurai pioneers came up with blade sharpening techniques to ensure they carried practical swords. Samurai swords were an extension of their soul. The Lost Ways 2 writer shares simple techniques that you can use to sharpen your blades.

7. How to construct a shelter – the North America pioneers ways

Having a roof above your head is a basic necessity. Historians claim that the earliest Americans built log cabins. According to The Lost Ways 2, you can build a log cabin to protect your family from inclement weather and wild animals. Claude Davis provides a detailed guide on how you can build your log cabin from scratch.

Why should you invest in The Lost Ways 2 Program?

The Lost Ways 2 provides details on how you can identify natural plants that can help you manage numerous medical conditions such as diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular illnesses. According to Claude Davis, nature can help you improve your health. Some plants, flowers, and herbs are better than any pharmaceutical medicine. However, you must identify the edible wild plants and how to prepare them for medicinal purposes effectively.

Claude Davis provides the readers with three plants that can cure pain in less than five minutes. He was taught about these three analgesic plants by an elderly Cherokee Indian. Once you use the three plants, you will never depend on GMO drugs.

Claude Davis provides the readers with a natural antibiotics formula that you can prepare on your own. Instead of hoarding and stocking pharmaceutical antibiotics in times of crisis, you will be making your natural drugs with zero side effects. Also, The Lost Ways 2 provides you with lessons on how you can tan hides without chemicals.

The Lost Ways 2 outlines steps to dig your well quickly, with less labor, and effectively.

Water is equal to life. Without clean water, the chances of surviving become slim. When you cannot access clean water, The Lost Ways 2 author provides the reader with simple methods of using activated charcoal to purify up to 800 gallons of water.

Through The Lost Ways program, readers will learn how to make their gas masks using activated charcoal.

Who is The Lost Ways 2 book for?

The Lost Ways 2 is an ideal program for survivalists looking for practical olden ways of getting through a crisis. But, as per the author, you do not have to wait for a crisis to transform your life. Some of the practical skills in Claude Davis’ program can help you choose a healthier approach to managing common ailments. Similarly, some of the survival techniques can help you make huge savings on utility and medical bills.

How to get The Lost Ways 2 Book

The Lost Ways 2 official website says you can only buy this limited edition book from the page. Additionally, you can choose the hard copy or digital version.

After buying The Lost Ways 2, you get two bonuses:

  • How to become Self-sufficient on 4 acres of land
  • What do you need to have ready before an EMP


Final Thoughts

The Lost Ways 2 program is purported to empower readers with proven survival skills. Based on history, all survival skills in this program helped the pioneers to survive the worst calamities. Therefore, you can use the same skills to beat any calamity. In addition, Claude Davis offers a 100-day money-back guarantee if this product does not benefit you.

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