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The Lost Book of Remedies: Is Nicole Apelian and Claude Davis Book Any Good?

The Lost Book of Remedies, known as Book of Remedies or Lost Book of Herbal Remedies, is a physical or digital form book that features wild, natural plants and their uses and functions for our overall health. In general, this book is an encyclopedia that details each natural plant’s description, functions, and proper administration so that you can find alternative treatments when you don’t have anything else as an option. Therefore, this book is great for people who want to know their surroundings and people who love the great outdoors (e.g., hikers, backpackers, and the likes). However, The Lost Book of Remedies is not for the faint of the mind – it contains a comprehensive amount of knowledge that it’s almost impossible to read from cover to cover without rest.

The Lost Book of Remedies is a portable item that doesn’t need the internet. You can have readily available knowledge in surroundings where there are no available cellular signals whatsoever. It puts this book at a high beneficial purpose above all the others since it deals with your survival and how you live your life in general. In this updated and detailed The Lost Book of Remedies review, we will tackle if this book really contains the information we need and ultimately judge whether it is worth it. Let us begin.

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What Is The Lost Book Of Remedies?

The Lost Book of Remedies is exactly just that – a book containing fading information about the herbal wildlife found all around us. The title is highly fitting since it’s a sort of repository and an encyclopedia at the same time as Native American traditional medicine wisdom. In short, this is a book that shows how the Native Americans of the past used these plants for their own benefit. Now, naturally, all plants have their beneficial uses. Some can help with minor diseases such as fever, flu, or colds, while others can help the body repair itself externally or internally. Some plants even have properties that can make us look young. In general, this traditional approach, or should we say remedies, are the basis of the synthetic compounds that modern medicine uses to make our drugs in general. Things such as acetaminophen wouldn’t be realized if our brilliant chemists didn’t study how these plants work in general. However, synthetic medicine is somewhat flawed and can bring about certain side effects. Naturally based treatments, however, do not. The Lost Book of Remedies is generally a great book to have when we’re outdoors due to its practicality. Most of the time, if not all, we don’t have good signal reception when we’re in places where civilization is a little bit far away. Having this book without waiting for Google to load up can save you a lot of time making the medicine, creating the recommended recipe, and ultimately pushing on towards your goal. Speaking of which, The Lost Book of Remedies can enable you to identify plants that are usually found in the wild. Whether they’re dangerous or safe, it’s in the book. The book carefully describes the precautions needed to ensure that you don’t do it wrong on the first try and helps you survive your hunger when you’re out of any usable food. Of course, you must protect it from rain or certain wildlife since the book is still made from paper!

The Lost Book of Remedies consists of 304 pages with excellent print quality to ensure that it won’t get damaged easily from outside elements. If you remember how glossy pages of modern encyclopedias and almanacs feel, that’s exactly how it will turn out. The Lost Book of Remedies is also one of the higher-rated books out there simply because of its usefulness. In terms of credibility, this book also ranks high on the list since two well-known personalities write it – Dr. Nicole Apelian and Claude Davis, Sr. Published last 2018, The Lost Book of Remedies is a new and genuine homage to Native American traditional medicine knowledge. Dr. Apelian can be seen as responsible for this homage since she has Native American ancestry. Therefore, you can say that The Lost Book of Remedies has already made it out to the public at a wide distribution area. Nevertheless, most people are still void of the idea that natural plants give more benefits than usual and that the simple backyard or driveway yard that you see almost every day has more benefits than you could imagine.

What Does The Lost Book Of Remedies Contain?

As you have already read, the Lost Book of Remedies contains more than 300 pages worth of useful information and knowledge that dates to pre-colonial times. It is aptly named The Lost Book of Remedies because of this reason alone. Modern medicinal practices coming in from Europe have widely pushed aside the cultural and the scientific significance of these natural remedies that it’s slowly lost into time as the Native American and American populations become one. Therefore, it is important to preserve this knowledge and wisdom in print to survive the ages. Of course, many people will contest those natural herbs are no match to the power of this artificially made medication. However, The Lost Book of Remedies can shed light on how the past people used these plants to go over some of the hurdles that life must throw at them. So, without further ado, we will take a summarized look at the content of The Lost Book of Remedies and see if this book contains things that are worthy of our time or not.

The Lost Book of Remedies contents are:

  • Several Techniques on How to Extract the Healing Power from Plants
  • List of Different Plants
  • Household Remedies

Several Techniques On How To Extract The Healing Power From Plants

Straight from the introduction and acknowledgments, we come across this chapter upon which we are taught about the several techniques that we can use to extract the “healing power” of these plants. Admittedly, most people nowadays don’t know how to extract certain oils and substances from these plants even though they can identify them properly. Therefore, one must equip themselves with this kind of knowledge to not have to worry about the end process in general. Things such as distillation, pounding, chopping, and the likes are thought to be done so that you can extract your plant’s properties to their fullest potential. In this chapter, you are also taught how to plant, cultivate, and harvest these plants properly to not damage them in the process. You’ll learn how to make oils, salves, concoctions, and pastes by going through this chapter. Think of it as a chef’s first lesson in their trade. To present and cook food properly, the chef must know how to prepare, cook, and serve properly—the same way with natural ingredients such as herbs. The first chapter alone can gain knowledge and wisdom that you didn’t have, especially if you live in a sprawling urban area without access to townsfolk who practice rural traditions. Just imagine learning how to prepare the right cup of tea!

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List Of Different Plants

Next up, The Lost Book of Remedies details many plants that we normally see around us but don’t pay much attention to because we think they’re of no use to us in general. This chapter, making up the bulk of content in this book, is the encyclopedia and almanac portion of The Lost Book of Remedies. It lists down all backyard, forest, woodland, coastal, and tropical plants that the Native Americans took advantage of with the addition of multiple trees, shrubs, and water plants in the mix. This chapter focuses on how you, as a reader, can identify and use the plants around your surroundings. It can give you an idea of utilizing these plants for food, shelter, and even clothing. In case you’re wondering, this chapter also contains useful pictures of plants so that you can observe, memorize, and check them out in real life. It means that if you would like to identify plants in general, this is one of your best bets.

Furthermore, you can impress people with your knowledge of the matter if you happen to take the content of this chapter seriously. In summary, this chapter consists of plants that Native Americans have used during their time for remedies, complete with pictures to aid in identifying and describing their overall benefits and precautions in general. It’s a treasure trove of traditional remedy knowledge in general.

Household Remedies

What if you have an illness and don’t have the time to go through all the chapters? Great news, they have this chapter included! In this chapter of The Lost Book of Remedies, we are presented with various ways to deal with illnesses. Whether it’s for a simple itch, rash, allergy, symptom, illness, or whatnot, Dr. Apelian and Mr. Davis have put in all the information you need to counter these threats. When it comes to information, this chapter contains a complete list of plants and workarounds that you, a simple person, can do to make things a little bit better by the end of the day. Like the first chapter, this part of the book will also teach you some neat and cool first-aid tricks that you can use to help yourself with the natural plants found all around us. Therefore, you are given tons of practical knowledge about traditional medicine just by going through this chapter. After all, the main goal of this book is so that you can pass on the knowledge of Native American traditional medicine to future generations to come. Also, it’s for practicality’s sake.

What Does The Lost Book Of Remedies Teach Us?

The Lost Book of Remedies teaches us to be practical about what we have around us in the modern age. Plants played a crucial role in letting our ancestors survive. Without access to modern medicine, society should have collapsed if it weren’t for the help of these natural remedies found in the environment they were living in. Native Americans harnessed such “practicality” and used it for the common good. Whether these plants are used for food, shelter, or clothing, these living beings helped people realize what they could achieve with limited resources.

In the same way, our planet is slowly succumbing to increasing amounts of pollution and resource scarcity. Therefore, it is only smart and wise to control the situation by preparing for some of life’s worst-case scenarios. It is one of the books that make us wiser in life.

In formal lesson matters, The Lost Book of Remedies can teach us the value of these plants. It teaches us which is which. It gives us an idea of how to combat certain illnesses, including the dreaded Multiple Sclerosis disease, which targets your nerves, effectively incapacitating them and leading to eventual loss of body control. Then, there’s a list of plants that you should avoid. Almost every piece of valuable knowledge is found in this 300-page book!

The Lost Book of Remedies also teaches us how to become better persons ourselves. With the knowledge that we gain in this book, we become the walking heritage of Native American culture and medicine. Therefore, it is only right that we pass this on to the next generation to also use it. Where past people haven’t relied on this knowledge, others might when they don’t have anything else at the current moment. It is “worth it” in this regard and a fine and useful addition to those who want to make it easy when traversing the great outdoors or where the nearest town is too far away for emergency first aid measures.

How Does This Book Help Us?

The Lost Book of Remedies can help us know which plants are good and which ones are bad. It also helps us learn how to prepare these herbal alternatives to become better at the craft. The Lost Book of Remedies is imbued with dozens of useful insights that the authors have put into this piece of writing so that you can make use of the recipes and plants to their fullest extent. It can help you in emergency cases where your loved ones or friends are in danger. It can also help you apply proper first-aid measures if your kid is sick of fever or persistent cough. Then, there’s the added benefit that some plants that we haven’t thought of can become a food source for the whole family. Finally, if clothing is lacking, you can find one kind of tree listed in The Lost Book of Remedies with strong fibers that you can use to convert into clothes of any kind. In a nutshell, The Lost Book of Remedies can help you become resourceful for everyone else around you. It can also be an additional personal perk to have, to which your self-esteem can increase to new heights, positively influencing everyone around you.

Who Are The Authors Of The Lost Book Of Remedies?

The authors are Dr. Nicole Apelian and Claude Davis, Sr. Both are known people in their survival craft. Being experts in plants found either in the Great Plains or the harsh deserts of Southwestern United States, they offer great knowledge and advice in cultivating, harvesting, and effectively taking control of the usage of herbal remedies that you may notice on your outdoor journey. To provide you with a description of both authors, we will look at both of their credentials to judge whether they’re indeed credible writers or not.

The authors of The Last Book of Remedies are:

  • Nicole Apelian
  • Claude Davis, Sr.

Dr. Nicole Apelian

Dr. Apelian has been the author of many books like this one over the past few years. This includes books such as The Forager’s Guide to Wild Foods and A Reference Guide to Surviving Nature. She is a survival expert, often instructing others on what to do when faced with dangerous situations that may put their lives at risk. Then, there’s also the fact that she’s a biologist, an anthropologist, and an herbalist at the same time. You could say that she devoted her life to all things natural. Add that to the fact that she has Native American ancestry, and you get a highly credible author with extensive knowledge about what she’s writing in the first place. However, other people criticize her for being over-skeptical of the things that modern science is currently offering. Just earlier this year, one of the authorized commissions in the United States of America issued her a warning letter that concerns her claims against the prevention of a certain ongoing pandemic at the current moment of writing. Dr. Apelian, however, remains unfazed, focusing on the life lessons she had by living several years with the hunter-gatherers of the San Bushmen in the Kalahari Desert of Southern Africa. She also became one of the contestants of the History Channel’s survival show “Alone,” upon which she was only given a knife to survive in a harsh and wild environment for more than a month. She overcame injuries in this show by using antibiotic properties found in the plants that she foraged around her campsite. She also tried to alleviate the symptoms of her Multiple Sclerosis through a natural, herbal tincture, upon which she was successful. She put that tidbit of knowledge as well in The Lost Book of Remedies. By this point, it’s already obvious that she is highly credible in this regard and makes solid arguments whenever she recommends a certain thing about nature and survival.

Claude Davis, Sr.

Claude Davis, Sr. on the other hand, is a Wild West survival expert. He, therefore, has the knowledge you need that most have something to do with survival in harsh climates and whatnot. He likes staying outdoors so much that he lives a relatively isolated life from society. Just like Dr. Apelian, he is a firm believer that we should pass on the knowledge that our forefathers have collected in the past and use them for the common good. It is why he partnered with Dr. Apelian for The Lost Book of Remedies, so that they both can contribute and share this wisdom and that the younger generations can know more besides computer games and reliance on synthetic, medicinal products.

By looking at the summary of these two authors, it is written by people who have a clear and precise understanding of the things that concern natural remedies in general. Moreover, they both have the same goal: to spread the knowledge of traditional medicine towards the current and younger generation to gain years of practical information that they can use when enjoying the great outdoors.

What Are The Benefits Of Reading The Lost Book Of Remedies?

The Lost Book of Remedies has many benefits in store for its readers. Unfortunately, it is so many that we won’t have enough time to cover them all. Some examples of these benefits include knowledge about certain plants, avoiding bad plants, producing tinctures, and other practical and useful things in general. However, we will summarize those benefits in two for easier understanding.

The Lost Book of Remedies benefits include:

  • More knowledge and wisdom in outdoor life
  • Better practical knowledge of first aid and emergency treatments

More Knowledge And Wisdom In Outdoor Life

Often, when we go outside and feel very adventurous, we tend to try new things. These thrills, such as hiking or simply walking through a park, is very rewarding. However, there will come a time where you need to go out to your local pharmacy in the middle of the night, only to find it closed. The only things that you can use are the plants around your home. It means that they are your only option. With the wisdom that comes with The Lost Book of Remedies, you can better understand the things at hand. Using the right plants for the job and harvest the right parts for the situation and requires knowledge and general wisdom. You also get to be one of the beacons of such knowledge, passing it on to your son for future generations to come.

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Better Practical Knowledge Of First Aid And Emergency Treatments

Remember when you were void of knowledge on how to make natural remedies? With the Lost Book of Remedies, you effectively gain additional skills and talents to use to treat wounds and make your life simply better. Only a few people on this planet know how to survive properly, and since plants provide almost everything you need, you can effectively become surrounded with solutions to any problem you may face, whether it’s for indoor or outdoor use in general.

What Are The Downsides Of The Lost Book Of Remedies?

The downside of The Lost Book of Remedies is that some people are too lazy to put the practical applications in this book to good use. On the other hand, some people think that the information written inside the book is false since there are no solid scientific claims to prove their description of certain plants. On the other hand, some people are concerned if the remedies listed in the book can harm them through allergies since the disclaimers from the book’s official website state that they have no responsibility if the remedies counteract or not. It is therefore important to do your research first before diving into The Lost Book of Remedies. Search for indications that the natural remedy may counteract your medication. Also, look for allergic tendencies. Finally, prepare the necessary medicine when trying out some recipes from this book. In summary, The Lost Book of Remedies’ downside is that people are left to make their herbal remedies by just relying on a manual at hand, upon which this practice can be dangerous at the same time.

The Lost Book Of Remedies Costs?

The Lost Book of Remedies costs $37 (with an additional $8.99 on the shipping costs). With this price, you can get a PDF and a physical copy of this book, which means you can bring it anywhere with you, either through your backpack or your smartphone. However, this is admittedly an extremely high price. It is because The Lost Book of Remedies doesn’t come along with this type of price. It also comes with other digital books that you can use for survival. You can therefore get much knowledge from this bundle just by dishing out $37. It is a one-time payment. However, some people are off-put by this kind of price. We can say that you are not paying for the book itself but for the knowledge and content that comes with it in general. It’s useful, life-saving information you can use most of the time for just $37!

The Lost Book Of Remedies Hardcover

You can buy a hardcover of The Lost Book of Remedies from the Lost Book Remedies official website. You must buy from their official website so that you can be ensured that the copy of their book, including the bundle of other books that we mentioned a while ago, are delivered to you without any problem. The Lost Book of Remedies uses a credible retailer called ClickBank, which is highly secure and private of the data they receive daily. Therefore, to prevent getting scammed, only buy The Lost Book of Remedies from The Lost Book of Remedies website here.

The Lost Book Of Remedies Reviews

The Lost Book of Remedies has mixed reviews. Again, this is because some people are skeptical. However, we will reiterate that the knowledge included in this book is primarily passed on through generation after generation by Native American tribesmen. It proved useful to them practically, so there’s no doubt that it will also work for any human living in North America right now.

One of The Lost Book of Remedies reviews tell us that:

“The Lost Book of Remedies is one of the better books on my bookshelf. It’s written by authors that know their stuff, and it’s also highly easy to read. I would say that even an elementary student can read this without difficulty. The pictures are also shown in detail. I can’t believe most people think that this book looks cheap, but I appreciate how they show the information about the plants found around us. I purchased four books yesterday, and I rarely write reviews. It is a book that you need to have in your presence!” – Doc, July 27, 2018, St. Louis, MO

The Lost Book Of Remedies Summary And Verdict

The Lost Book of Remedies is a book that showcases Native American knowledge of traditional medicine in the past. Plants that are around us can be used for food, shelter, or clothing. Dr. Nicole Apelian and Claude Davis, Sr. carefully put into writing all wild plants that they know of and distributed this kind of information across the masses so that they too can have the essential practical knowledge to help other people. An average reader can finish this book in three weeks with ample breaks and rest. It is a good choice for people who want to learn about traditional medicine and how to make them in the process. We would recommend that you buy The Lost Book of Remedies since it doesn’t hurt if you add more knowledge for yourself for the cost of a measly $37! There’s nothing to lose!

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