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JamesAllen, founded in 2006 by Oded Edelman, James Schultz, Michele Sigler, and Dean Lederman, being the first company to combine amazing 360° video technology with outstanding customer service and low rates. JamesAllen has changed the way people buy diamond jewelry and engagement rings. JamesAllen itself is seen as a disruptor in the diamond market because it aims to educate customers about diamond buying and as well provides personalized engagement rings rather than merely pre-made possibilities.

They’ve been successfully continually innovating in their pursuit of building the best online jewelry store since their inception in 2006. Because of this, as well as a number of other factors that we’ll discuss further down, JamesAllen is regarded as one of the world’s leading diamond engagement ring retailers.

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The Story Behind Creation of JamesAllen

The little team of JamesAllen Schultz and his wife Michele launched in 1998. It’s easy to toss out a year like 1998 without thinking about what it implies, but when you think about it, 1998 was a long time ago in Internet years.

JamesAllen, like Blue Nile, was founded as a result of its founder’s dissatisfaction with his personal hunt for an engagement ring. The business flourished quickly after its introduction in 1998, soon establishing itself as one of the leading online engagement ring merchants and became their signature product, and it is still widely recognized today.

The Rebranding of JamesAllen

JamesAllen was rebranded as they rebuilt their website as in 2005. They began to take their engagement ring line very seriously at this time. They began to offer some breathtaking options, such as this delicate crossover pave setting. They’ve also started collaborating with well-known designers to bring you pieces like this stunning Verragio setting. R2Net, an e-commerce platform, was founded in 2005 and joined forces with the corporation. JamesAllen became the retail brand name, and the company’s entire marketing approach was flipped on its head.

The low-cost image was replaced with a more refined one, and they began to sell diamonds that were certified by the major authority. While competitors have come and gone, JamesAllen has continued to grow and is now one of the leading names in online jewelry sales.

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Introduced the Feature of Displaying Diamonds in High-resolution

JamesAllen understands how stressful it may be to shop for an engagement ring. To make shopping more approachable, they introduced the feature of displaying diamonds in high-resolution, using spinning visuals and virtual-try-on elements.

According to, these popular features have assisted more than 150,000 customers in purchasing a ring during the course of the retailer’s existence. Since then, JamesAllen became the only shop to display each of its ring settings, as well as over 200,000 conflict-free diamonds, in high-resolution 360° HD. In fact, diamond manufacturers all around the world have taken notice of its 360° Diamond Display Technology, giving JamesAllen first dibs on the greatest stones available.

Amazing Inventory of Diamonds for over years

JamesAllen offers a massive collection of diamonds to pick from. JamesAllen has over 300,000 gems to choose from in their search as I write this update for this review. They not only have an absurd number of diamonds to pick from, but their business model is so efficient that they can provide those diamonds at incredible prices.

While JamesAllen has been able to offer a large inventory, they have not had to compromise on the sourcing of their diamonds. Every diamond on JamesAllen’s website has been certified as conflict-free. JamesAllen has adopted the Amazon business model, which allows them to offer millions of dollars in inventory without incurring the costs of inventory management.

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What Services Does JamesAllen Offer?

JamesAllen works with diamond and gemstone offices all over the world to supply their customers with hundreds of thousands of loose stone selections. The company is committed to ethical sourcing and requires all partners to follow high ethical guidelines, including the Kimberly Process. They also solely use ethical sources for their metal materials. Every diamond on JamesAllen has been independently confirmed as conflict-free.

Moreover, the company also offers 360-degree ring-spin feature that is utilized 4,200 times every day. JamesAllen also provides a virtual try-on, or “ring size wizard,” tool on its website, mobile site, and mobile app that allows customers to picture their hand and place the ring of their choosing on their finger to see how it appears.

JamesAllen has truly raised the bar for internet engagement ring purchases. Here are some tips on how to make the most of its features so you can make the best selection possible.

1. Videos In 360 Degrees of Each Diamond

Though you won’t be able to inspect the jewels in person, JamesAllen offers the next best thing. Their 360-degree HD movies provide a realistic representation of each diamond in their collection. Its SuperZoom feature can be used to examine the diamond at a magnification of 40x, as if you were using professional tools.

This is actually preferable to going to a local store to look at diamonds. The diamond is visible in incredible detail. You’ll be able to see any faults right away. (Though keep in mind that this is 40x zoomed in, so you won’t be able to see the defects in its true size!)

2. Consultation With an Expert for Free

Are you afraid of making a blunder? Free Real-Time Diamond consultations are available from JamesAllen. This allows you to speak with a professional gemologist who will assist you in reviewing the specifications and comparing stones. You’ll automatically screen-share with the representative so they can see what you’re seeing.

Because the salespeople aren’t paid commissions, there’s no incentive to buy anything. The team’s sole purpose is to inform, provide feedback, and assist you in making the best decision possible. There is no need to schedule anything. Simply begin the consultation from the diamond information page whenever you require assistance. This is the first time this feature has been offered in the online diamond market.

3. Exclusivity

JamesAllen takes pleasure in their variety of fancy color diamonds, which is one of their specialties. These are exceedingly rare, extremely valuable, and a superb way to give a piece of jewelry a personal touch.

When yellow, pink, blue, green, and brown diamonds are set in their unique settings, they absolutely shine, ensuring that the recipient of such a ring is blown away based on the feedback of their customers and the lucky ladies who were proposed to with one of these dazzling and beautiful rings felt extra special when it was slid on their finger.

4. True Hearts of JamesAllen

JamesAllen has an exclusive premier range of diamonds called True Hearts for individuals who seek the best. This is their collection of super perfect diamonds with hearts and arrows (H&A). True Hearts diamonds are available in round, princess, and cushion cuts from JamesAllen. To view for yourself, all True Hearts diamonds come with idealscope and hearts and arrows imagery.

The JamesAllen True Hearts and Arrows collection is described by JamesAllen as “the ultimate expression of love.” They’ve been dubbed “eternal masterpieces” and “perfection.”

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5. You can Customize your Ring

From all we’ve discussed, it’s clear that using JamesAllen’s basic search settings can result in a one-of-a-kind ring. However, you may take it a step further by working with their skilled staff to create a ring from the ground up.

You can either work with their specialists to design a one-of-a-kind ring or submit an existing design. You can also have a special inscription engraved on your ring. This is a no-cost service.

6. Try on a Virtual Diamond Ring

While you can’t try on amazing rings in-store (unless you live near one of the two showrooms), JamesAllen allows you to virtually try on rings from the comfort of your own home. All you’ll need is a smart phone/tablet to get started.

Here’s how to make advantage of it:

  1. Scan QR code with your phone.
  2. Take a look at the various ring settings.
  3. Under the image, click the “Try-On” button. (Note that this feature is not available on all rings.)
  4. Take a photograph of your hand or select a photo from your collection.
  5. Experiment with various ring styles and diamond shapes.

6. Great Customer Service:

JamesAllen carefully examines the stones and select just the best. With 24/7 Customer Service (including the first-ever real-time diamond inspection service in which their specialists share their screen with consumers), and a 100 percent money-back guarantee all contribute to their customers’ satisfaction.

7. Lab Diamonds

In recent years, lab-created diamonds have become increasingly popular. They’re both environmentally and financially friendly. Lab diamonds are identical to natural diamonds, with the exception that the formation process is accelerated in a lab. JamesAllen has one of the most extensive inventories of lab diamonds.

There are about 39,000+ lab diamonds in all shapes and sizes, including fancy yellow diamonds. Lab diamonds are much less expensive, so they’re a terrific way to save money or stretch your budget. The price difference between a natural and lab 1-carat diamond of equal quality is seen below.

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8. Wide Range of Setting Designs and Customization Options

A wide range of setting designs and customization options are available and the best part is that, like their loose diamonds, you can see them in 360-degree films. One of my favorite aspects of JamesAllen is the level of control and personalization you have when making decisions. Customers can select a solitaire, three-stone, or vintage ring setting, as well as a metal type, such as 18K white, rose gold, or platinum.

Whether you like a solitaire or halo design, platinum or white gold metal, or a solitaire or halo design, you will undoubtedly find something to your liking. JamesAllen also offers complimentary engraving for those who wish to add a touch of personality to their ring.

JamesAllen Made Buying Diamond Online Easy and Safe

Some buyers are hesitant to buy diamonds online, but there are a number of respectable merchants who make online ring purchasing a secure option. JamesAllen features outstanding imaging that allows you to examine each diamond up close before making a purchase. You’ll never be stuck with a diamond you don’t want with these sellers’ great return policies.

Customers can examine 360-degree high-definition photos of all 200,000-plus diamonds magnified up to 40 times during the product selection process, which was added a few years ago. The image will spin slowly on its own, or shoppers can modify the image in a 360-degree from using their mouse, allowing you to see all angles and facets even better than you would with a standard jeweler’s loupe (small magnifying glass) in person.

JamesAllen Stores and Showroom

JamesAllen also sells diamonds and gemstones that can be made into bracelets, earrings, and necklaces, among other jewelry pieces. Everything is available for purchase on or at the company’s physical store in Washington, D.C.

Their operations and fulfilment facility are located in our New York office although it doesn’t sell anything; however, customers can try on items there., the engagement ring retailer, has also incorporated more robust customizations to its website, allowing customers to build their own engagement ring.

Customers can enjoy individual red-carpet service by appointment at their Fifth Avenue Showroom, which is also located in New York City. JamesAllen Customer Service Team, which has received outstanding reviews and is polite and knowledgeable which is based in Frederick, Maryland.

How JamesAllen’s Shipping works?

JamesAllen provides safe shipping. All of their packages come with insurance, and they make sure the box doesn’t reveal what’s inside. You can have your ring sent to your home address, which will require a signature upon delivery, or to a FedEx facility for safe pickup.

Is it true that JamesAllen makes mistakes when it comes to orders?

Most purchasers have great expectations for their diamonds, and they expect it to meet all of their requirements. With a less expensive object, you might be prepared to overlook a minor flaw, but with a diamond, it’s intolerable. JamesAllen, on the other hand, has a number of great evaluations from customers who received exactly what they asked for. They have excellent diamonds and may make beautiful rings and jewelry.

Many people, as with other e-commerce jewelry companies, have doubts about the diamond quality (or whether they are real diamonds at all). However, rest assured that the diamonds on JamesAllen are genuine and come in a variety of cuts, colors, carats, clarity, and shapes to suit any budget.

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What distinguishes JamesAllen in diamond industry?

JamesAllen, never one to rest on his laurels, proceeded to innovate the online diamond ring experience. As a result, not only do consumers have better trust in their purchases, but the rest of the business is compelled to follow suit. Here are some of the main features that make JamesAllen stand out:

  1. A large number of high-quality diamonds are available.
  2. You can mix and match customization choices to create the right ring for you.
  3. Cutting-edge images to help you find the ideal diamond for you.
  4. A large selection of engagement ring settings that are handcrafted to the highest quality standards.
  5. Excellent customer service.
  6. A 30-day return policy is available, as well as a lifetime warranty.

Final Verdict:

Needless to say, JamesAllen have only strengthened my long-held belief that JamesAllen is the best online source for engagement rings. Before you go ring shopping, go to their Inspiration Gallery to see genuine photos of rings that others have previously purchased to help you pick the perfect setting and diamond.

Since its inception more than fifteen years ago, JamesAllen has developed enormously. They have a strong following of enthusiastic customers thanks to their persistent innovation and amazing focus on customer service.

Unlike traditional jewelry stores, which normally sell pre-made diamond rings and jewelry, JamesAllen allows you to customize the jewelry piece to your specific needs and preferences.

Furthermore, being able to make reasoned decisions rather than hasty decisions in retail outlets under pressure-selling or exaggerated lighting settings is an advantage. Consider that for a moment. Would you rather be hassled in a store or shop at your leisure online and make the best decisions possible based on facts?

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