Custom Pet Portraits: 20 Best Brands Ranked By Quality

Do you have an affection for your pet that just can’t be contained? If not – maybe this sounds like someone you know.

Either way – there is no better way to showcase this affection than with custom pet portraits that proudly display their face in a unique way!

Mount your furry friend proudly on your wall and show them – and everyone who sets foot in your home or office – what they mean to you.

There are tons of gimmicky sites online that offer pet portrait customization – but that’s not what we’re looking for.

Today, we’re going to help you identify which sites are actually worth buying from, as we’ll share the 20 top brands ranked by quality. By the end of this buyers guide, you’ll know exactly where to begin your search for the best custom pet portraits online!

The 20 Best Custom Pet Portraits Ranked By Quality

When you shop with one of these brands, you have our word that you’re getting the very best the internet has to offer.

We tried to trim it down to only the best of the best, but all 20 of these options offer a stellar product and service.

With that said, one of them stands out among the rest without a doubt – and that’s Porter Reid. Here’s why.

1) Porter Reid Custom Pet Portraits

We said from the jump that this list was going to be ranked according to quality – and that’s why you’re seeing Porter Reid atop the list in the #1 position.

Simply put, these guys offer the best custom pet portraits online right now in terms of quality and craftsmanship.

When ordering your portrait, you have complete control over the design process – but you get the aid of a professional design team that helps bring your vision to life.

This is then passed off to their team of expert printers who help create a vibrant, long lasting portrait. After that, the craftspeople take the wheel and finish the job, putting the finishing touches on it. There is no doubt in our minds that Porter Reid takes the cake for the highest quality custom pet portrait – and when yours arrives, you’ll understand why!

2) Animalist

It’s really tough for any brand that has to follow up Porter Reid – because they truly are the best.

But, Animalist is no slouch when it comes to quality, either!

These guys do a great job walking you through the design process in their easy to use portal, which allows you to choose your breed, the design, color, size, and much more.

After placing your order, you’ll get your custom pet portrait in just 3-5 days – that’s pretty quick considering how customized these can get!

3) Portrait Flip

If you have a photograph that you’d love to turn into a unique painting – Portrait Flip is worth taking a look at.

You get cool benefits like free shipping and these guys are always offering discounts – they even let you just pay 30% up front to get the portrait painting process started!

4) Purr & Mutt

When you head over to Purr & Mutt to check out their custom pet portrait offerings, you’ll be met with some of the most unique options you’ve ever seen.

They can take your image of your pet and turn it into a portrait that showcases them as a king, a superhero, a jedi knight, or even one of the peaky blinders! And those are just a few of the options.

Starting at just $26, these quality pet portraits are an affordable, unique choice. All you have to do is upload your image and they’ll handle the rest!

5) West and Willow

Those who have multiple pets in their furry little family don’t want to leave anyone out. That’s why we really like West and Willow – you can start the process by choosing how many pets you have in your home.

Then, you get to pick your background color/design, frame, size, and upload your images – they’ll take care of everything else. You can leave any notes or special requests to the designers, and your wish is their command.

6) Crown & Paw

If you want to see your pet in a certain costume, Crown & Paw is the portrait printing service for you. These guys have an abundance of options, all of which are super cute and unique.

All you have to do is choose your costume, upload your photo (from the camera roll or even social media), and they’ll get your portrait painted quickly – it’s really that simple!

Using the best of the best when it comes to supplies and components to make the portraits, it’s no surprise these are as quality as they are.

And, the reviews on their website speak for themselves – you can check out past work and see what’s possible!

7) Zazzle

Turn your favorite image of your furry friend into a beautiful renaissance style portrait in less than 20 minutes at Zazzle!

You get paired up live with a designer to hash out the details and get the party started. You’ll have complete creative control, and be delighted with the final product.

Their pricing is incredibly low which makes getting a unique, custom piece of art commissioned more affordable than you may think. Plus – you get to support independent freelance designers when you work with them!

8) CanvasPop

CanvasPop is an industry leader in all things wall art – so it’s only right we gave them a look for their custom pet portraits!

Their design portal makes creating the wall art of your dreams simple as can be. And you’ll be delighted at the number of options you’re presented with – you can truly make the portrait your own. Check it out and see for yourself!

9) My Pet Crew

The custom pet portraits at My Pet Crew are as budget-friendly as you’ll find – but they still manage to produce exceptional quality, worthy of being mounted on the wall in any pet lover’s home!

They start at just under $30, but you can typically get at least an additional 20% off that total. You get to choose the number of pets you have, so you can get a portrait of your entire furry family.

Of course, you also get to choose the background colors, materials, frame, and other options you want to complete the look.

All of this, with lightning fast shipping, top-notch customer service, and a 100% quality guarantee – what more could you ask for?

10) Paint Your Life

The folks at Paint Your Life help you celebrate the moments and/or people that matter most to you – but you can take things a step further and celebrate the furry family members that matter most to you!

You can turn any of your favorite photos of them into a beautiful painting that captures their spirit for a lifetime and beyond.

With over 8,000 five star reviews, you don’t have to take our word for it – these guys are as good as you’ll find if you’re after quality portraits of your pet.

11) PawtraitDesignCo

As unique as the name of this portrait painting service is, the real reason they’re here is because they do an incredible job – no doubt about it.

Starting at just under $10, these portraits are as cheap as you’ll find and they’re also of the highest possible quality.

Ordering yours is simple, too. Just choose your primary color, add some text (their name, for example), and check out!

12) Stellar Villa

A lot of the custom pet portraits we’ve shared on this list thus far offer pretty similar looks and feels – if you want something a bit more minimalist and modern, Stellar Villa is without question the best choice.

They definitely offer a more premium service, and the prices show that. But believe us when we say that if you can afford these – you won’t regret ordering.

They’re as good as it gets in terms of quality, and you have tons of different styles you can choose from. You can even get a portrait with you with your pet – how cool is that?

13) Oliver Gal

Oliver Gal features a collective of incredibly talented artists that bring your custom pet portrait to life.

You just have to choose your styles and take a photo of your pet. They’ll then send you a proof to review before any actual work begins. This ensures you’re on the same page as them and are delighted when the final product arrives.

Again – these are a bit more premium than some people may be able to afford, but the old adage that you get what you pay for is true here. These are worth every penny!

14) Impersonate Me

As seen on ABC, CBS, Fox, and NBC – the custom pet portraits you can have commissioned at Impersonate Me are insanely high quality and super unique. The artists on this team create an awesome animated portrait of your pet.

You can add their name if you’d like, and choose a frame, background color, and more. They’ll then take your photo and create one of the most eye catching pet portraits you’ve ever seen.

Add extra pets or people if you’d like, and pay extra to bump your order up in priority – because as you can imagine, these are in very high demand!

Starting at just $40, these are far less expensive than some of the contenders on this list – while still delivering an exceptional product, every time.

15) My Crown Pet

Looking for a custom pet portrait that’s as vibrant as it is quality? My Crown Pet is perfect for you. You can create your own for just $10 – and the quality is top notch.

With fade resistant UV archival inks and artist quality ultra-thick cotton canvas, these portraits come out looking perfect every time.

They have a ton of different background colors you can choose from and all kinds of sizes. You can browse their site and check out some of the examples other people have come up with for a sneak peek into the level of quality, and for some inspiration!

16) Pop Your Pup

Pop Your Pup boasts over 200,000 satisfied pet parents who have brought an image of their pet to life with their portraits.

From canvas prints to framed portraits, you have all sorts of options when shopping for a custom printed portrait of your furry friend.

Another cool thing about this site is that it’s not just wall art they offer – you can get your pet printed onto a blanket, a phone case, a mug – you name it, they can print it.

17) Hagen and Oats

While they’re pretty expensive, the custom pet prints at Hagen and Oaks are worth every cent in our book – because they’re not like the rest!

They offer a unique style of portrait – it’s 3D and literally pops off the frame. You’ll have to see for yourself to understand what we mean!

18) Shutterfly

If you haven’t heard of Shutterfly until just now, you probably haven’t done much customizing of random goods – because these guys do it all, and are known for producing quality each and every time.

As you can imagine, their custom pet portraits are no different. Starting at just $20, these are more affordable than any other brand we’ve mentioned thus far on our list. You can even get a puzzle with your dog on it, do it together, and frame it!

19) Good Boy Prints

These hand crafted pet portraits are created with black ink, white pen, and charcoal to really bring out the personality in your pet. This print is applied to museum quality fine art paper to ensure an even finish.

They do a great job capturing what makes your pet unique – and you can choose all kinds of options to get a portrait you’re proud to hang in your home.

20) AllPopArt

Last on our list of the top pet portrait options ranked by quality is AllPopArt. These are incredibly vibrant and unique, and of course – high quality.

These guys have been in the pet art game since 2004, and have earned a stellar reputation along the way. Go check them out and see for yourself what’s possible!

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