Custom Dog Socks: Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Show your dog how much you love him by reading our ultimate buyer’s guide to custom dog socks.

Do you have a dog you wish you could bring with you everywhere you go? Unfortunately, it’s not always possible to bring your pooch with you to work, out shopping, or anywhere else your daily travels take you.

Custom dog socks are a fun and easy way to show your furry friends how much you love and appreciate them. You’re able to keep them close to you even when they can’t actually accompany you out on the town or on vacation.

These fun accessories come in a variety of colors, patterns, and styles for all different types of breeds. You can even find custom dog socks that have their name on them!

And for the dog lovers in your family and friend group, dog socks are the way to go, too – they make great gifts for just about any occasion.

So stock up today – but not so fast! First, read through our ultimate buyer’s guide and top recommendations to help you find dog socks that will match any personality (or type of pup). This way, you won’t be wasting your money or time with any gimmicky companies looking to make a quick buck.

How to Choose the Right Custom Dog Socks: Things to Look For Before Purchasing

If you aren’t sure where to start your search for the perfect custom dog socks, take a break. Grab a cup of coffee, and curl up with your pup on the couch – after all, they should be a part of this decision, right?!

Once you two have settled in, scroll through our ultimate buyer’s guide below on how to choose the perfect socks for any personality or budget. Before we share the top brands, we want to share how we selected them.

Quantity Ordering Options

How many pairs of custom dog socks do you want (and need)? If you want to fill your entire sock drawer with socks containing the adorable mug of your pet boxer, then you’ll want to look for websites with discounts on bulk orders.

On the other hand, if you just want a pair or two, you’ll need to be sure the sock manufacturer you’re ordering through sells in single quantities.

The Type of Sock

While some people don’t have a preference for the types of socks they wear, most people have their go-to sock style.

Whether you have an affinity for crew socks or would rather stick to knee-highs, it’s important that you find a brand that specializes in the sock type you prefer if you want to be totally satisfied with your purchase.

Comfort and Fabric Type

The sock length is one thing – but you also need to find the right material for your preferences.

Look for custom dog socks that are printed on fabrics like cotton and polyester. These will hold up best in the wash and also be the most comfortable to wear.

The only time you would really be interested in another form is if they’re for a very specific purpose. Wool, for example, works great in cold regions or for snow sports.

Colors and Customization Options

Most custom dog sock brands offer a variety of color and customization options. You may not be super picky yourself, but for most people, the amount of customization will be integral in the decision on where to shop.

You might want to look for companies that allow you to upload more than one image, for example, if you have multiple dogs that you want to showcase on your socks.

Printing Quality

There’s nothing worse than paying lots of money for your custom dog socks – only to discover that your dog’s face is blurred, distorted, or faded on the socks once you receive them (or after a wash or two).

Read customer reviews to get an idea of the printing quality – it can be difficult to determine this just by looking at the photos posted by the company itself.

Spoiler alert – all the socks on this list are printed using the highest quality printing equipment & techniques out there today!

Shipping and Customer Service

Another reason it is important to read customer reviews carefully is to familiarize yourself with a brands shipping policies and customer service experiences.

When you’re creating custom dog socks, you likely don’t want to leave anything to chance. Choose a company with responsive customer service and fast shipping times, and you’ll be able to rest assured that your dog socks are in good hands!

13 Best Custom Dog Socks Brands

If you’re in the market for a new pair of personalized socks, then look no further than these thirteen top brands.

1. Porter Reid

When it comes to custom dog socks, you’ve got to start your search with Porter Reid. They’re number one on our list for a reason!

These guys offer all kinds of customized gear, from custom puzzles to of course, custom dog socks. These socks are not only incredibly comfortable and durable, but also affordably priced – you’ll pay less than $30 a pair and shipping is always free!

You can choose from a variety of options as you create a pair of socks that is truly, 100%, you and your dog. From unique galaxy backgrounds to a rainbow of color options (and plenty of sizes, too), you’ll have loads of fun designing these socks.

But of course, you’ll have even more fun wearing them and showing them off to your furry friend! If you’re looking for the very best of the best, look no further – Porter Reid is the real deal.

2. Pet Party

With Pet Party, you can get custom socks for yourself or your fur babies. Starting at just $24.99 and with sizes from extra-small to large, there is something available no matter what family member needs a new pair!

Pet Party socks are the perfect gift for any person or animal that needs a little extra love and attention. You can have up to three faces on the socks you design so you don’t have to settle for just one of them! They offer many different background choices as well – that way, you can make your new pair even more personalized.

3. DivvyUp

When you’re shopping for custom dog socks, it can sometimes feel as though you’re wasting your money on a novelty, gimmicky item. With DivvyUp, you can indulge in your fantasy of having socks with your dog’s face printed on them – while also giving back to a more serious, noble cause.

For each pair of socks that DivvyUp sells, it donates part of the proceeds back to homeless shelters. Here, the money goes toward providing fresh, clean socks to homeless people. You really can’t beat that kind of philanthropic mission!

Plus, each pair costs less than $25, so you don’t have to break the bank with your charitable donation, either. And don’t forget – you’re still getting a quality pair of dog socks!

4. Custom Sock Club

If you’re looking for custom dog socks but have more than one pooch, it can be tricky to find the right brand that allows you to print multiple images on one pair of socks.

Custom Sock Club, also known just as “Sock Club,” is the way to go. You no longer have to settle for wearing just one pet’s face per day!

When you order with this company, you’ll be able to fully customize your socks with a wide selection of colors, backgrounds, themes, accessories, and more. At just $24.99 per pair, this company you can’t ask for much more.

5. Gift Lab

Whether you want a customized pair of swim trunks with your dog’s face on them or just a simple pair of custom dog socks, Gift Lab is the way to go. This brand has a large collection of customizable products and has a design tool that is super easy to use.

The only downside to using Gift Lab for your design needs is that you are limited to just one image upload per pair of socks. If you have multiple pets, you’ll need multiple pairs!

6. D-Story

D-Story creates polyester socks with a fun cap toe and heel design. These socks, available on D-Story’s website as well as Amazon, come in all kinds of customizable colors and patterns. Unfortunately, they are only available in a one-size-fits-most unisex fit.

However, they’re fun to customize with whimsical phrases along with your image of choice. The perfect gift for the ardent pet parent!

7. Zazzle

Zazzle is one of the top companies to be aware of when it comes to custom dog socks. You can choose from a variety of style options, including custom photo collage, Instagram photos, pet circles, and more, allowing you to personalize everything from the images you use to the text you write on the socks.

Most pairs start at $23 or so, but you can choose a more basic design with limited features for less money, too. Zazzle offers frequent discount codes and coupons for frequent shoppers – so it pays to consider this company if you have a lot of different ideas for custom dog socks you might want to make in the future!

8. Shutterfly

If you’ve ever bought anything personalized for anyone in your family – fur family or human family – you’ve probably stumbled across Shutterfly already. This brand is a massive company that specializes in customizing everything from photo canvases to – you guessed it – dog socks.

You’ll pay less than $20 per pair and be able to access a wide assortment of design tools. You won’t have a tailor-made design team at the ready to help assist you in creating the perfect pair of socks – but their design tool is so easy to use and intuitive that you shouldn’t have any trouble doing it all by yourself.

9. Make Face Socks

When it comes to making customized socks with your dog’s face printed all over them, sometimes, sometimes you just want the cheapest option. Make Face Socks is a well-rounded brand with a sizable selection of other personalized products, including pajamas, underwear, and more.

And when you shop with them, you’ll save money compared to going with one of the other brands on this list.

They offer regular deals like buy two, get one free, along with free shipping over $45. Each pair starts at just $12.95 – a total steal, especially when you consider that you can customize everything, from the size to the color, of your custom dog socks.

10. Mily Socks

Mily Socks has all kinds of cat and dog face socks that you can upload with the image of your choice. There are plenty of colors, styles, and other personalization options for you to choose from. Most socks start at $23.95 per pair but there are also bulk orders (such as buy two get one free) that can save you money, too.

11. MyPupSocks

MyPupSocks is another fun company that specializes in whimsical socks with your dog’s face on them. These socks feature a comfortable cap toe and heel design with all kinds of customizable patterns, styles, and colors.

You can choose from a variety of cute colors and phrases with these socks – but of course, you’ll always be able to upload the image of your choosing, too. You can add phrases like “I Heart Mom” to the socks and you’ll pay less than $20 for shipping and all production fees included. They are sold in a one-size-fits-most option.

12. AnnHomeArt

Another option for uploading photos of your pet to socks is AnnHomeArt. This company sells custom dog socks on their webpage along with its Amazon shop. Ordering is simple and seamless.

These polyester socks are comfortable to wear and machine-washable. You can upload any pictures of your dog for a customizable design that features just one pup’s face or the faces of many. It’s a great way to celebrate and recognize your entire furry family!

Unfortunately, shipping times are a bit longer for these socks, since there are so many different options for customization. But they’re worth the wait!

13. PrintsField

PrintsField is the final custom dog socks company we’re going to mention today. These guys sell personalized socks both on their own website as well as on Amazon. Design your socks on the website, and you may be eligible to win a free pair of socks!

You will pay just $22.95 for a pair of socks, with a variety of sizes and colors available. You can upload just one face for that price or upgrade your order to add another one or two pet faces, too.

You can get discounts for bulk orders with PrintsField and even add notes for the designer, too, if you have some particular recommendations in mind.

Cuddle Up To Your Pup and Shop for the Best Custom Dog Socks

If you love your pooch and want the whole world to know it, you’ve got to consider buying some custom dog socks.

After all, they call dogs “man’s best friend” for a reason. You love your dog more than most people, and showcasing their face on your socks is a great way to express that love – and keep him close to you at all times.

Finding the right pair of custom dog socks can be challenging, but hopefully, this ultimate buyer’s guide has helped clear up any confusion you have so that you can start shopping today!

You’re now aware that if you’re truly after the best custom dog socks around, Porter Reid is your go-to. Happy shopping!

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