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Cellucor P6 Alpha Testosterone Boosters – Worth the Money to Buy?

P6 is a product line from Cellucor that helps consumers trigger their testosterone production. Increased testosterone has improved muscles, greater strength, and heightened performance.

What is Cellucor P6?

Anyone who spends significant time in the gym is looking for one thing – results. However, the diminishing levels of testosterone that men face with age can take a substantial toll on their ability to build up new muscle or even keep the muscle that they’ve already accrued. Taking a supplement could be the easiest way to fix this issue, which the Cellucor brand specializes in.

Recently Cellucor launched a new product line called P6, and the primary focus is to help men increase the amount of testosterone their body produces. It doesn’t offer synthetic testosterone, but it ensures that the natural production stays where it should be.

Cellucor P6 Product Line

Read on below to learn about the five options available to consumers now:

About P6 Alpha


Individuals who aren’t sure what these products will do for them should begin with P6 Alpha. It has the lowest testosterone support of any product in this lineup, but it still packs a punch for beginners. With a small boost for strength and vitality, this remedy seems to be marketed to individuals who don’t plan to be bodybuilders and focus on testosterone support for a smaller impact.

To give users these benefits, they get a few important ingredients to enhance their progress. TESTFACTOR™ leads the way to motivate more testosterone production, though it also reduces the amount of estrogen that the user produces, ensuring that they can develop the muscle they hope for.

Other ingredients in this formula include fenugreek, DIM, and multiple vitamins/minerals. DIM metabolizes estrogen, while fenugreek has been used for centuries to support testosterone levels. The vitamins include vitamin D3, vitamin B6, magnesium, zinc, and folate.

P6 Alpha Advanced


The P6 Alpha Advanced formula is a step up from P6 Alpha, falling in the middle of the powerful range of products. It offers slightly more testosterone support, though it gives triple the strength boost and vitality. It also supports muscle size, which is not a benefit seen in P6 Alpha.

Within this formula, consumers will get all of the ingredients in P6 Alpha, along with a few others. First, there’s ElevATP®, which supports the user’s need for increased muscle size and strength while improving power exertion. Then, Citrulline Nitrate (NO3-C™) provides the nourishment for increased nitric oxide production. With SenActiv®, consumers will improve healthy muscle cells, promoting increased performance and endurance. The final active ingredient in this remedy is Asian ginseng, which supports alertness and vitality.

P6 Original


P6 Original is like P6 Alpha Advanced in support of strength, muscle size, and vitality. However, this formula has one thing its predecessors do not – estrogen balance. With a slightly bigger boost for testosterone levels, consumers will find themselves quickly regulating their metabolism, strength, and more.

The formula behind P6 Original is nothing like the first two products from the brand. While it still supports the need for improved testosterone levels, the main ingredient behind this change is LJ100 Long Jack extract, which can also improve energy levels, improve sports performance, and keep the body in an anabolic state.

Along with Longjack, this formula adds KSM-66 Ashwagandha and Ovine Placenta Power to the mix. This patented version of ashwagandha helps users improve their natural testosterone levels while promoting greater strength and muscle tone. Ovine Placenta Power supports the user’s need for HCG to improve muscle growth. It also helps with cellular growth and recovery after workouts.

P6 Ultimate


With P6 Ultimate, users get the maximum testosterone support that any formula offers, about five times greater than the P6 Alpha formula. It also maxes out support for strength, muscle size, vitality, and estrogen balance. This formula increases alertness and improves nitric oxide production to offer more benefits.

Nitric oxide is crucial for anyone who wants to build up their muscles and performance. It causes the red blood vessels to widen, making it easier to deliver much-needed nutrients and oxygen to the muscles. With improved nutrient delivery, users get the most out of their routine every time.

The formula of P6 Ultimate is a lot like P6 Original. It includes the same KSM-66 Ashwagandha and LJ100 Long Jack Extract. However, it adds in Zembrin and AlphaSize A-GPC. While no details about these ingredients are provided on the website, Zembrin is meant to help consumers sleep better. It has been proven to help patients at risk for dementia in some cases. AlphaSize A-GPC, on the other hand, supercharges the user’s energy levels safely, and it is especially effective for older individuals.

P6 Ultimate GH


P6 Ultimate GH packs the most punch of any formula in the product line. This remedy has maximum testosterone support, strength, muscle growth, and vitality. It even offers the same support for nitric oxide production and estrogen balance. However, it comes with the added benefit of growth hormone support.

The list of key ingredients in P6 Ultimate GH is numerous, including:

  • L-arginine Pyroglutamate
  • L-lysine HCL
  • PrimaVie® Shilajit
  • Velvet bean seed extract
  • elevATP® Ancient Peat and Apple Extract

With L-arginine Pyroglutamate and L-lysine HCL, users will get more stimulation in their pituitary gland to help with growth hormone production. The use of PrimaVie® Shilajit provides incredible bioavailability, and it can help users increase their testosterone levels and support cellular energy. Velvet bean seed extract, also known as Mucuna pruriens, helps with the production of GHRH and supports hormone production. elevATP® Ancient Peat and Apple Extract is made of minerals from the aforementioned foods to improve lean muscle mass and support higher mitochondrial ATP levels.

Along with the aforementioned ingredients, it also offers a few substances that consumers are already familiar with, including DIM and long jack extract.

Frequently Asked Questions About P6 and Cellucor

Q: What products are part of the P6 family?

A: This collection includes P6 Alpha, P6 Alpha Advanced, P6 Original, P6 Ultimate, and P6 Ultimate GH.

Q: What do the P6 products do?

A: The entire point of this product line is to stimulate testosterone production.

Q: What if the customer is unsure what supplement would work for them?

A: Cellucor provides a Get Fit quiz questionnaire, helping the user find the best product. This quiz asks about the user’s age, gender, current fitness goals, current caffeine intake, and more. After entering their email address, they’ll be provided with a list of recommended products, including P6 and non-P6 products.

Q: When customers make a purchase, will they be charged multiple times?

A: All of the P6 products come with the option of a subscription or a one-time transaction. Individuals who want to get these formulas each month can enroll in a subscription, giving them 20% off each month’s shipment.

Q: Where can consumers purchase Cellucor products?

A: The official website is the main place for these products. However, the website has a link that allows consumers to check the retailers that distribute the formulas in their area.

Customers with other questions can reach out to Cellucor directly by calling 866-927-9686 or emailing

Cellucor P6 Summary

The P6 line of products from Cellucor allows consumers to improve their testosterone production without breaking the bank or getting a prescription. All orders come with the option of enrolling in a subscription to eliminate wait time between shipments, though it doesn’t take away the option of a one-time transaction. The formulas are easy to take, and each one is an upgrade from the former in the lineup. Though this option is new, P6 is currently offered in retail stores, Amazon, and the official website.

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