Best Websites with Free Essays Online Databases (and a Couple of Paid Ones)

There are hundreds of “how to boil water” videos on YouTube, with the most popular one having almost a million views. But you’d hardly find a YouTube video that will showcase hundreds or even dozens of high-quality academic paper samples and show you how to write, say, a research paper for college specifically on gun control. So, suppose you got time but no inspiration, worthy ideas, or an understanding of how to craft a decent essay – what are your options? Where to find that edge that will let you get the job done? Some students just keep staring at an empty page or cough out one word in 30 minutes, hoping that sooner or later they’ll be able to end this struggle. Others turn to peers or family for help, disregarding the fact that they usually have the same problem. And yet others find a way to work smart – they go to sites that feature sample essays for free use and draw ideas from the best examples.

Academic essay databases have never been extremely popular for one simple reason: using them requires time and doesn’t revoke the necessity to write a piece single-handedly. But if your time management is good and you can plan ahead for at least a couple days, free essay samples will be a lifesaver for you.

This article reviews the TOP-5 academic paper sample databases and collections that will come in handy for every student looking for a great piece to use as a model to follow or draw original ideas.

TOP-3 Free Essay Websites

Looking at an instance of something before crafting similar stuff is a very common thing to do. It has been well said that example is better than precept. This idea is what drives the current popularity of online databases with free essay templates. They are widely used by freshmen who need help understanding the difference between high school and college papers and how to craft them properly.

Another factor that might have added to the sample collections’ fame is the media buzz surrounding so-called essay farms – services that write custom papers for money according to students’ requirements. These companies operate in the “gray” area, while sample databases are perfectly legal. Eventually, even essay writing services started creating sample sections on their websites to attract users and/or for search engine optimization purposes. Surprisingly, some of them stand toe to toe with full-fledged sample databases.

One way or the other, you can use example collections to draw topics and content presentation ideas, enhance your research, find new information sources, and generally use samples as models to follow when developing your own piece. So, let’s have a look at some of the best websites with free essays papers and other types of academic works. – All the Free Essay Examples for College You Might Ever Need is the largest free college essay sample database we’ve come across during our online quest. It has almost 100.000 entries, with new papers being added daily. Naturally, such a colossal volume calls for an accurate and well-thought-out database structure. Overall, WowEssays did an excellent job categorizing samples by subjects and types of papers. You can also browse paper topics – whether by their popularity or by the alphabetized list. Typically for free databases, samples on are not downloadable.

Types of papers: essays, research papers, reviews, reports, case studies, course works, term papers, research proposals, business plans, presentations, articles, personal statements, cover letters, annotated bibliographies, theses, dissertations.

Types of essays: argumentative, narrative, critical, expository, descriptive, evaluation, compare and contrast, persuasive, analytical, personal, cause and effect, admission, scholarship.

Another way to find samples is using the on-site search engine. Just enter the keyword or a key phrase, and in a matter of moments you’ll be presented with the list of relevant papers. Unfortunately, there are no filters available to refine search results. For the sake of fairness, it must be noted that just a few small free databases do have such an option. On the other hand, each sample has a list of tags – a pretty convenient feature that you can use to extend your search and find even more papers. At the end of each sample, there’s a citation tool that builds references to this very article in APA, MLA, Chicago, Harvard, and several other formats – small thing, yet pleasing. Another useful bonus for WowEssays users is a collection of almost two dozen free writing assistance tools. Among them are topic generator, grammar, spell and readability checkers, grade and assignment calculators, words-to-minutes converter, etc.

It’s even more amusing that’s enormous volume and rich functionality combine with the high quality of showcased samples. At least those three dozen papers of various types on different topics we’ve checked single-handedly were well-written, properly structured, and could be definitely worth a “B.” The reason behind it may lie in the fact that the company also provides custom writing services, meaning that a user can hire an experienced essay writer able to craft an academic paper within days or even ours. Apparently, these professionals are engaged in editing – if not writing – samples for the database. As a result, the combo of the above-described features rightly makes one of the best free essay websites out there.

Key features: vast volume; good sample quality; straightforward categorization; free writing tools

Drawbacks: no samples download; no search filters – 100% Free Essays from a 100% Professional Writing Service

Generally, is a full-fledged custom writing service. It means that their main business is crafting academic papers for students who, for whatever reason, cannot or do not want to do that themselves. Basically, they contact the company’s managers, tell them “I need you to write my paper for me, and I’m ready to pay for it.” Why is PaperHelp on our list then? That’s because the service’s website has a directory of completely free essays online that anyone can use as writing examples.

Of course, compared to the previous database, PaperHelp is a teeny-tiny collection with just several hundreds of samples, 90% of which are essays. Yet, the thing is, all of them are of the highest quality and, apparently, crafted by field experts who regularly prepare original papers for customers.

Types of papers: essays, research papers, case studies, critical thinking, article reviews, speeches, course works, capstone projects.

Types of essays: argumentative, narrative, critical, descriptive, compare and contrast, persuasive, analytical, personal, cause and effect.

Obviously, publishes samples as part of a marketing strategy to attract new customers. This explains why there is a limited collection and no search engine. However, that takes nothing away from the samples’ quality – it is enough to read any free full essay in the directory to solidify the belief that these are arguably the best samples we’ve seen. So, in case you don’t need a variety of papers on one particular topic but rather want to get a general example of how an A-level essay should look, checking out PaperHelp’s sample catalog might be a good idea.

Key features: great sample quality; crafted by field experts; categorization by paper type

Drawbacks: small directory volume; no samples download; no search – Small Free Essay Database with Great Samples

Like the previous contender, is another example of a custom academic writing service with a decent database of free samples written by professional authors. Actually, purchasing original papers crafted by essay writers on demand and reading about a hundred paper examples is all you can do on this website. The point is that, despite a small number of samples and a limited list of paper types, EvolutionWriters can boast their remarkably high quality. They are obviously developed by people who make living writing essays for money and know their job inside out.

Types of papers: essays, reviews, reports, research papers, speeches.

Types of essays: analytical, application, argumentative, narrative, descriptive, compare and contrast, persuasive.

Summing it up, we can say that EvolutionWriters is not the best website for free essays in terms of the collection size and samples variety. Still, these drawbacks are made up in quality and writing techniques you can spot and mimic to boost your own work. Amid the lack of free essay writing databases, this could be just what you need to break the spell of the empty page and get things going.

Key features: great sample quality; written by pro authors; categorized by paper type

Drawbacks: small directory volume; no samples download; no search engine

A Couple of Paid Sample Databases for Wider Choice

As you might’ve rightly concluded from the text above, the biggest problem with free examples is their quality – that’s why you can see small sample directories on our list over large databases with good-for-nothing papers.

Paid sample databases are another story. They make money on subscriptions or selling samples apiece and can allow themselves to hire writers and editors to bring papers in line with strict academic standards. Besides, they offer various perks, rarely seen on open-access websites, for instance, full-scale search engines or the opportunity to download full-text samples.

WowEssays Premium – Bigger, Broader, and Uncut

Arguably, the brightest representative of paid sample databases is WowEssays Premium. Yes, you get it right – it is a part of a larger company that also includes the above-mentioned WowEssays free sample directory (which is 10 times smaller than the premium essay examples database), custom writing service, and other little things like blog or free writing assistance tools.

WowEssays Premium boasts having over 1 million samples in the database – and you can browse their titles and short previews for free. But in order to get access to full-text samples, you must subscribe and pay a fee: $36.99 for 1 month; $59.99 for 3 months; $89.99 for 6 months. With any type of subscription, you get unlimited downloads and 24/7 Live Chat support.

Like its free version, WowEssays Premium has sample categorization by topics and paper types. What’s different is the search engine – it has several filters to refine search results and find more relevant samples. – When Samples Are a Kind of Magic

MagicLearning is a standalone project, with essay databases arranged and categorized pretty much standardly – by paper types and topics. The service also claims to contain over 1 million samples. However, there’s no actual way to confirm whether this is valid information or just a marketing trick to equal the rival. Subscription plans on the website include four options, with the duration from 1 week to 6 months and a pricing range of $9.99 to $89.99 for unlimited access and downloads. The on-site search allows scanning the database for keywords and phrases, while 3 parameters let you filter the results.

The bottom line here is that if you’re ready to spend several dozen bucks on access to a vast database with sample papers of all possible academic levels, types, shapes, and sizes, both websites – WowEssays Premium and MagicLearning – are of equal worth and cost. And both will definitely let you find high-quality examples to use as writing models, come up with interesting topics, draw much-needed inspiration, or take out prominent writing practices and illustrious content presentation techniques.

What Else You Should Know Before Using Free Samples

Is it okay to use free essays to copy content and submit it as my own paper?

No, it is not okay. The thing is, plagiarism detection systems colleges and universities use will quickly and easily detect that the submitted paper is not original. As a result, you may be accused of violating academic integrity and get sanctioned according to your higher education institution’s code of conduct.

What if I find several free argumentative essay examples and compile them into one paper – can I submit it as my own?

Even if you compile different parts of free academic essays you find online, there’s still the risk that anti-plagiarism systems will detect borrowed content, and consequences will follow. Thus, you must be sure that the paper you hand in is entirely original. To this end, you can either check it online via several free or paid plagiarism checkers or completely rewrite content in your own words.

Is it okay to quote paid or free pre-written essays as sources in my own paper?

Hypothetically, this is possible. However, if a teacher takes note of you using a free essay sample as a source, they might check this entire work and all other papers you submit more thoroughly and picky. A much better tactic is looking at sources in a sample and quoting them. On the one hand, this will help you avoid unwanted attention and, on the other – extend your bibliography list.

How can one tell if a database offers plagiarism-free essays?

Basically, there are just two ways: run it through a reliable plagiarism detection system or google some part of it in the exact words. However, none of the methods provides a 100% guarantee that the selected piece is entirely original. At the same time, you must understand that free sample databases are not expected to provide unique papers. You can rest assured of a paper’s originality only if you’ve written it by yourself from scratch or ordered it crafted by a pro writer at a specialized custom writing service and got a plagiarism report along with the finished piece.

So, should I look for free essays to download or just order custom papers online?

It’s always better to craft papers by yourself – that’s how you learn, enhance your vocabulary, and improve your writing skills. However, we are fully aware that there are situations when there’s no other choice but to address qualified writing assistance. Browsing free online essays for students is a good option in case you have time and determination to accomplish the task on your own regardless of the obstacles. Ordering a custom paper online should be considered as your last resort, and not doing so will cause more harm than the risks this step bears.

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