Best Research Paper Writing Services: Top 5 Sites to Choose From

Managing academic obligations and other commitments while studying can be challenging. It is for this reason, among others, that students often struggle to write quality research papers, essays, or dissertations. For some, this burden prompts a solution.

Nothing beats getting assistance from an online research paper writing service when it comes to producing written tasks. They can handle the grunt work for you in terms of timely and high-quality content delivery. Professional advice is another advantage you have.

This guide will assist you in finding the best research paper writing service in the market. The information you obtain will assist you in determining whether a service is within your budget and schedule, as well as filtering out low-quality services. Let’s get started.

Top Research Paper Writing Services in the U.S.

Here’s a list of reputable companies that write research papers for students. We’ve combined them to save you time. Each of these online educational firms provides excellent value, depending on what you need.


PaperHelp is a reputable and reliable research paper writing company, with a proven track record of quality research writing service at affordable prices. It has been around for about a decade, with its excellent online customer reviews making it a good fit for those looking to buy academic papers. They don’t just deliver quality papers.

A dedicated and responsive customer support team responds to all enquiries and complaints immediately. They also have a research team that consists of qualified professionals, including PhD and master’s degree holders, who write high quality research papers, dissertations, and other academic materials within a short timeline. Added to that is their transparent refund policy.

PaperHelp ensures that every order receives the attention it deserves and that no work is left incomplete. It has never been easier to find a professional research paper writer to handle all your academic papers with this company. The process only takes a few minutes.

A quote is provided after you fill out an online form specifying the paper type, format, and deadline, among other details. If you have a two-week deadline for your college project, the price per page may run you $12. A PhD dissertation with the same timeframe would cost double.


  • Solid quality, thorough research
  • All writers are Ph.D. graduates
  • Affordable price, regular discounts for loyal customers


  • Occasional typos, research papers don’t undergo an additional proofreading check
  • There is an extra charge for originality report


Are you looking for a quicker route to excellent grades? Try JustDoMyEssay to buy college research papers online. They have some of the best paper writers that deliver premium writing services. What’s more? The quality of their papers is on par with some of the best in the business.

As stated on their website, they provide you with the top 2% expert writers to undertake your term papers, essays, coursework, dissertations, and custom research papers, among others. They also have subject-specific writers. This meticulous approach to excellence has earned them a rating of 4.5 on Trustpilot.

Included in their services are full editorial review, in-depth research and analyses, file properties removal, accurate citations and formatting, and plagiarism protection. Should there be any corrections to your submissions, JustDoMyEssay will edit them. Their 60-day quality warranty even sweetens the deal.

The term paper writing service rates range from $5.85 to $10.64 per 100 words, depending on the academic level. And if that isn’t affordable enough, they have mouth-watering discounts for different order categories.


  • Exceptional quality
  • Worry-free 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Free plagiarism report for your peace of mind


  • Above average prices
  • Small discounts


Expertwriting is a premier research paper writing service provider that has been gaining steam over the years. Its writers, although not in-house, have a knack for academic writing and can work to deliver quality projects within a deadline, making this platform ideal for college students with tight deadlines. With their help, you’ll receive an original paper.

In addition to that, their writers consider all your instructions to ensure that you receive the work you need. Thus you can expect top grades. They are well-versed in various fields, including Business Studies, English, Finance, Law, Nursing, Science, and History. Plus, their academic writing portfolio includes various paper types.

The rates are reasonable, ranging from $7.50 to $35 per page, depending on the project complexity, subject area, and deadline. You can save even more when you buy multiple papers or do additional assignments. Their website highlights the discounts they offer. You also get free revisions.


  • Affordable service, good value for money
  • Customer support is always available
  • The company guarantees timely delivery (even for short, 3-hour deadlines)


  • Annoying advertising
  • Outsourced customer support


If you need quality work at a reasonable price on time, this is the right service for you. Their affordable research papers help improve your grades. In addition to that, these experienced professionals excel in customer service, helping newbies to get the most from any degree project. Their money-back guarantee and discounts offer are quite reassuring.

There is no need to worry about your deadlines being missed since they are always prompt on delivery, regardless of the topic and academic level. As part of their commitment to providing the best quality content, they employ an extensive team of educational experts to deliver your content on time and with confidence. Revision and proofreading are available until you are satisfied. They are free and guaranteed as well.

Prices start at $11 per page, which could be as low as $9 if your deadline is longer. And this is for your typical high school assignment. If you are working on a PhD dissertation, on the other hand, expect to pay $23 per page.

The essay writing service receives a 4.7-star rating from trust review sites, like SiteJabber and ScamFighter. New and existing clients can occasionally take advantage of promotions and special offers.


  • Decent quality of term papers
  • Excellent reputation
  • Loyalty program for regular clients


  • It can be hard to find an ESL writer
  • Slow customer support


You may have heard of this platform due to tons of research paper writing service reviews it has garnered over the years. Its unique selling point is that customers can choose who writes their papers, so they don’t have to worry about content quality or delivery time. provides direct communication between both parties.

Project delivery timeframes are as short as 6 hours. Plus, students on this site can receive a free Turnitin report on their essays, reports, and papers. Revisions are unlimited, provided that the customer sends the submission within 7 days of the first delivery.

Their professional writers have academic degrees and advanced experience in writing, editing, and proofreading. Their services are available to students worldwide, including in the U.S., UK, Australia, Canada, and India. scores 4.8 on ResellerRatings and 4.7 on SiteJabber.

The price per page starts at $11, depending on the complexity of the assignment and deadline. Their well-versed academics, most of whom are PhD scholars, are available to ensure that your work is 100% unique and meets your school’s requirements.


  • Low rates
  • You can choose the writer yourself
  • Free originality report
  • Whole month of free revisions


  • Some writers ask to extend the deadline
  • Annoying customer service, slow responses

Researching the sites and services that are available on your budget should be a part of the planning process and possibly the first step. A company with high-quality custom writing skills will not be affordable if your budget is tight. Think thoroughly before you click “Order now”

How important is the location of the research paper service firm? How about delivery? Will you get a uniquely written, high-quality paper on time at an affordable cost? Can you access the project and make revisions before submitting it? In light of that, let’s examine the following services so you can choose the best paper writing service according to your needs.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Reputable Research Paper Writing Service

Selecting a top-related research paper writing service isn’t always easy, especially when you are in a bind. You will need to select a team of skilled and experienced writers from a large pool of providers. How do you know which one is ideal?

Here are some factors to consider as you sift through the sea of experienced research paper writers and narrow down your search until you discover the right fit.

Examine the Website’s Reputation

Before even contemplating a company’s pricing, look into its reputation online. You may accomplish this by conducting an internet review search. These research paper writing services provide all reviews (both favorable and bad), references, and ratings.

Reviews are the best indicator of a company’s reliability. They are written by real customers who have utilized the company’s services. Whether a provider is top-rated or not will depend on the content of the reviews and ranking.

To assess the site’s credibility, read both positive and negative reviews. The latter may involve insignificant issues unrelated to service quality or delivery. They can, however, be serious at times.

You may also verify a company’s reputation by visiting their website. A professionally designed and user-friendly site showcases trustworthiness. It should include a full overview of the service provided as well as a list of writers’ experiences. These specifics will reveal whether the company is reliable.

Analyze the Writer’s Qualifications and Experience

A common reason students hire college paper writing services is that they are not native speakers of the language in which the paper is to be presented. They have tons of ideas for what to write but don’t know how to convey them. As such, they outsource their projects to professional writers.

Writing inexperience is another problem. Affected students may hire a service for a custom research paper or other assignment if they can’t decipher how to write a decent paper. Even if they grasp the language, they are unable to produce a standardized document that fits the structure and style criteria of an academic assignment.

A writing service may help to alleviate these issues, saving the student time and effort. It all boils down to selecting the appropriate expert. Among other aspects, qualifications are the most crucial element to examine.

It is essential that you hire an excellent writer who is familiar with your project and can deliver quality content on time. College paper writing companies typically have in-house experts. Their experiences are important because you want to be assured that your paper is going to meet your college’s standards.

Request the Writer’s Portfolio of Research Papers

As the saying goes, seeing is believing. To gauge a writer’s skills, you should read their work. It never hurts to ask for samples showcasing the professional’s previously written projects, especially if you are looking for the best research paper writing services.

See if their sample is as good as their profile. Ask how many research papers they have written for other clients. A professional writer will be able to say.

You need to see their quality of work before making a decision. For online writing services, read reviews. Consult other clients who have used the service; they may be able to share their experiences with you.

Upon receiving the writing company’s portfolio, be sure to scrutinize it closely, particularly for conciseness, grammatical errors, and plagiarism. Avoid plagiarized documentation at all costs. Passing off a third party’s content as your own is risky and illegal, as it can result in legal trouble.

It is easy to judge writing proficiency by sample quality. If the portfolio includes unique, well-referenced, and highly relevant academic publications, proceed to discuss the specifics of your project. It shows that the service provider has the resources to take care of your requirements, without fail.

If the samples are short and of low quality, find another research paper writing service that can handle your project effectively. That way, you will be on the safe side.

Find and Compare Prices

Not all displayed ads for cheap research paper writing are legit. Most are out to get your money without caring about the quality of your project, if, in actuality, they manage to complete it at all. Some charge exorbitant rates.

Ensure that the price of the essay service and the quality of the samples in its portfolio are in line. It should reflect the research services the company can provide to you. If it doesn’t, look for a different academic paper writer.

Being cheap doesn’t necessarily guarantee you quality. Cheap, lazy, inexperienced writers produce boring and unimpressive work. They charge low rates because they have no motivation to work hard. Their services won’t be of any use to you if you want a well-written piece of documentation.

Read Discount and Money Back Policies

While cheap doesn’t always equate to quality, having a high quality research paper writing service will save you money. Getting quality papers is cheaper and faster when discounts apply. Many students who hire professional research paper writers are on a budget, and they want to get the best value for their money.

Ask the company if bulk orders are eligible for discounts. See if there are any coupons or special promotions available on your order. Verify that there are no hidden fees and costs involved. Review the terms and conditions before applying a coupon code.

What happens if the academic writing company you hired fails to meet your expectations? Are they willing to refund your money or re-edit your work until you’re satisfied without additional fees? Asking these questions will help you narrow your search.

It may be challenging and disadvantageous to do business with educational service firms that do not offer money-back guarantees. Some offer refunds only when you buy the entire order at the same time and cancel. Others won’t re-edit a paper after you’ve made changes.

Will My School Find Out About My Online Paper?

Buying research papers online is not illegal, provided that the writing service company is registered and doesn’t plagiarize or produce subpar academic content. A student’s biggest concern when ordering a research paper online is if an expert writer can deliver 100% unique and relevant results. The above-reviewed best essay writing services prioritize these factors.

Before you hire a professional writing service check the review thoroughly to ensure that the entity meets your specifications. What are other clients saying about the platform? Do more users have positive feedback than negative feedback and vice versa?

According to, by examining the platform’s credibility, you will experience no problem tendering your custom written research paper to your institution. The most trusted online paper writer services offer a money-back guarantee that will protect you against being let down by the hired research writer. If additional reviews are required, they will gladly help.

Working Directly with Research Paper Companies vs Freelancers

You might consider going with a freelancer instead of a research paper writing company for your college research paper. This decision isn’t wrong, but there are more risks. Unlike professional companies, many freelancer services are devoid of customer rights and have no external regulation, which means that if anything goes wrong, you will have a hard time rectifying the problem or recovering your money.

Top research paper services don’t only have access to professional writers, but they also have the management support necessary to complete your project on time and according to your instructions. By contrast, freelancers have limited options. Upon submission, a freelance writer could accept a new project from a different client.

Time constraints may limit the professional’s ability to review previous unsatisfactory documents. In the worst-case scenario, this creates conflicts between the professional writer and the previous customer. This isn’t the case for a writing company.

The entity can assign any in-house vetted writer to a client’s revision on-demand, even while fulfilling other customers’ orders.


At the end of this guide, we hope that you have the right information to receive professional research paper help online. Several reputable writing firms are available to assist you academically, an example being the above-listed platforms. They provide quality work at reasonable prices.

College assignments may be difficult, especially if you already have a lot on your plate, and you will have to put in a lot of work to complete them. Writing them may also be time-consuming. This is where the services of a research paper writer might be useful.

Whatever your schedule is like or how much spare time you have, trustworthy research paper writing companies can help you make the most of it. Send them your orders and they will take care of the rest. Such tasks are simple, one-time chores for them.

As not all research writing services are suitable for your needs, it is imperative that you research and choose the most reliable platform that addresses them. Get recommendations from people who have used these services. Review customer feedback and ratings.

Having found the right paper writer, search for special offers to save more. It’s always worth a shot!

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